Wellness Benefits of Salt Therapy Treatments at the Spa

Wellness Benefits of Salt Therapy Treatments at the Spa

Salt therapy is an organic holistic therapy method known as halotherapy that has been a spa treatment for years. Old healers, medicine men, and even some philosophical masterminds of the past have used salt therapy in order to ail their own illnesses, respiratory issues, and more. Of course, there are some things to consider when it comes to it. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about the amazing wellness benefits of salt therapy at a place like www.himalayanenergyspa.ca and give a little insight on how to do it right.

For Diabetics

Some benefits are that if you’re a diabetic, you can actually help manage and regulate your blood sugar levels, enhance your energy, and also get an antimicrobial treatment all in one. You can get processed or sea salt and help to ease some symptoms that are tied with diseases like diabetes.


Just like a nice little ionic dryer, salt is charged with negative ions. This can enhance your mood altogether and by inhaling them, even though excess halotherapy can cause problems with respiratory ailments, a treatment here or there has been known to help those who have things like bronchitis, sinus congestion, COPD, and more.

Ease Your Mind

Salt is a way to purify and detoxify your body. It is mixed with moisture and then the excess toxins are lifted from our bodies, which can overall help us with your mood, immune system, and even your nervous symptoms. Some patients have even stated that salt therapy can help increase lung capacity, as well as help ease things like sore muscles and more for people that are extreme athletes.


Some skin issues, like psoriasis and eczema, for example, can even be cured and treated using salt therapy. Most table salt can dehydrate you, but real mineral salts are mainly a combination of minerals that can help your body not only detoxify but also be rejuvenated. Mineral salts can also get into your skin and help your body process things better, as well as help you relieve by delivering a small moisturizing element into your body so you can have and maintain healthy skin.

How Long Does a Salt Therapy Treatment Last?

You’re in luck because for about the time of a normal quick tanning session, you can have a salt therapy session because you get higher strengths of salt. Some places even add these to their massage package. Otherwise, salt beds normally only last about 15 minutes and you can usually get unlimited children’s visit per month for free.


When it comes to halotherapy, there really is no other. You can literally get to calm your mind and body, listen to music, and even see the natural beauty of the salt crystals in the air. They’re normally added into a room with about 40-50 percent humidity, and the treatments don’t have excess heat. Most salt therapy sessions are about 70-75 degrees, so you won’t have to feel like you’re in an extreme-heat sauna and can get the optimal treatment. If you’re getting a normal treatment session, that is only about 45 minutes altogether, and the price isn’t very expensive either.


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