How to wear a zip-up hoodie the right way?

How to wear a zip-up hoodie the right way?

Public opinion is split when it comes to hoodies. Most people see them as casual comfortable items that should never be worn on special occasions while others believe that this product is the next step in fashion evolution. Regardless of your personal position, you have to admit that hoodies are pretty cool!

If you are a guy, you probably have several of those in your wardrobe. Zip up hoodies are especially great for men as we are constantly trying to find ways to be more comfortable while also managing to look official. In fact, most men don’t like standard office attire. Instead, we prefer to feel manly and free our clothes.

A hoodie can be great in that regard. However, you have to abide by certain rules if you want to pull it off the right way.

Here are some tips that will help you wear a hoodie without looking trashy or too casual.

What is so great about the zip-up hoodie?

The hoodie is a type of sweatshirt that you can wear during almost any occasion. The product was developed during the 1930s and it was mainly created for athletes. Zip up hoodies were adaptable products that can help people during all kinds of weather conditions. Whether it’s raining, snowing or wind is too strong, a hoodie can provide lots of protection to its wearer.

As time went by, people noticed how awesome hoodies are. Zip up items are especially great in that regard as they can be opened and closed allowing you to cool off or warm up based on current weather conditions.

Lastly, we need to consider the comfort factor. Not only are hoodies adaptable and warm but they also feel nice when worn. Various materials are used for them with emphasis on cotton. The cotton basis is precisely the reason why they are so warm and comfy.

They usually have a lot of pockets allowing you to carry some minor necessities with you. It is an all-in-one product that can help you in various situations.

Various combinations you can try

Zip up hoodies are awesome by themselves.

Most men wear them with jeans as this is the simplest combination out there. But, depending on what you want to accomplish, hoodies can be combined with other items creating a stylish, cool appearance.

Here are three combinations you should consider:

  • Leather jacket

Leather jacket and hoodie are tried and tested combination. First of all, this combination is great for the winter. The hoodie can protect your head and when combined with a jacket, you are almost impervious to rain and snow. But let’s be honest: this isn’t the main reason why you should rock this combination. Leather jackets are pretty awesome by themselves and there is no man who wouldn’t like to wear them. The combination is pretty awesome for its edginess and cool factor. Black jackets are pretty elegant but manly but you can also try brown ones. If you’re going with a black jacket, you might try a gray hoodie. Brown jackets go well with black ones. Don’t play too much with colors and avoid flamboyant hoodies as they can easily backfire.

  • Bomber jacket

This combination has some similarities to the previous combination. It is very manly and it makes you look strong. Bomber jackets are a bit puffier which is why you look ripped while wearing them. Although these two don’t have the same elegance, the combination is really urban. It is especially cool within certain urban subcultures. In terms of the colors, you should go with a gray, black or navy hoodie. You can experiment with various bomber jackets as they are easier to combine with hoodies compared to leather jackets. To complete the look, you should go with some sneakers. Jeans is also a must; try black jeans instead of the traditional blue. It all depends on what are the other colors that you’re using. Keep in mind that this pairing is much more flexible in terms of color combinations.

  • Coat

To some people, coat and hoodie may seem a bit over the top. We are used to coats as elegant items; items that have to be worn with shirts and office outfits. However, this concept has been long dead and now we can combine the two products. This combination will provide a pretty unique look. You won’t look too stiff or too casual. It will be somewhere in between. Needless to say, coats are great for winter and black coats can look especially elegant and mysterious. On the other hand, the zip-up product will provide a counterbalance and add to that urban look you’re yearning for. In terms of combinations, you should avoid dark blue hoodie colors. In fact, the safest combination is a black hoodie with a black coat.


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