6 Best Combination Of High Top Converse With Dress For Women


Wanting to try out some cool fashion trend, then better opt for the high top converse as it will make your look perfectly balanced. The converse is very popular these days among women and many women are trying them out with different combinations of dresses to make their look completely balanced.

Have the best dress with the converse and you will have a completely perfect look wherever and whenever you go. Today, in this post, Fashionterest has brought some fantastic ideas for High Top Converse With Dress that every woman should give a try to look elegant and classic.

Have a look at the ideas and follow them to look simply amazing for the day!

Red High-Top Converse

 Just go for the Red, high top Converse if you are looking for a bold alternative to the classic black and white styles. Keep the clothes colored and light and your outfit will be balanced. Go for richer colors and avoid opting for monochromatic and black outfits.

You can try the Blue and navy pair with red too. Just remember to keep the tones subdued for avoiding the clashes of bright hues.

Black and White Converse

 The black and white converse suit very well to any dress and we all know it right? This is the style that suits well not only to the women but also to the men. Wear the black and white converse with your any outfit and just look best for the day.

Have your favorite pair of relaxed or distressed jeans with black and white Converse and be the star of the party. To have an idea, simple style, have loose styles such as a t-shirt, chambray shirt, and bomber jacket.

High Top All Black Converse

 The black colored high top Converse looks great over any outfit. The black skinny jeans are the perfect trouser partner to these dark sneakers.

Wear a classic plain white tee or short-sleeve shirt over it and it will look amazing. Choose any outfit over the high top black converse but make sure that you finish off in style with a pair of dark shades. Believe us, you will look like a rock-star.

White High Top Converse

 The white top converse offers a great classic aesthetic.  You can have the best style with casual denim or simple chinos for a contemporary look.

Leave your pants long and uncuffed for having a relaxed and balanced look. The slender design of the sneakers will be better suited to the lean shape of the slim-cut trousers. Complete the look with a simple, white shirt and a dark jacket and look awesome. You will surely look more sexy and sharper with the clean white Converse for sure.

Converse with Shorts

 You can wear shorts with sneakers if you want to have a casual look. Choose between the denim and chino shorts, whatever you prefer for getting the best style.

To keep the look balanced, make sure that your shorts sit above your knee when you are wearing the high top sneakers. In summer, the shorts will be more comfortable than jeans and pants so must wear shorts only.

The simple and classic tops are perfectly suited with the low top sneakers. Simply wear the sunglasses and a hat with this style and you are done for the day! Go to a beach with this amazing look and you will be the show-stopper there.

White Low Top Converse

 If you want the perfect, casual sneaker for summer then you can opt for the white low top converse. The simplistic style and bright color of the low top converse will provide for an easy and light look.

Better pair your shoes with light colored pants like the white or light-wash colored jeans in order to make the most out of it. The dark colored jeans can also be tried out but keep in mind that the contrast will be quite striking.

How to Wear Converse?

  •  You can wear the Converse with stylish, weekend looks for looking smart and casual.
  • You can wear the slim-cut or skinny pants and balance the slim style of Converse sneakers.
  • The white Converse is suited well in summer and the black Converse are suited well in winter so wear them at the appropriate time and in the appropriate season.
  • To have a cool and casual look, go for the shorts along with the converse in the summer.
  • Clean the converse on a daily basis for making them shine and look clean and sharper.

So, these were the ideas for High Top Converse With Dress that every woman should try out to look beautiful and elegant. Following these converse ideas will surely make them stand apart from the common crowd as well and for more such designs you can browse through Fashionterest.






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