Top Tips For Creating A Restful Bedroom

Top Tips For Creating A Restful Bedroom

There is a lot of concern on the effect of modern technology and modern life affecting our quality of sleep. Therefore, it’s important to create a bedroom that works as a sanctuary and also offers the best platform for you to enjoy quality, restful and deep restorative sleep. Here’s what you need to do to improve your bedroom accordingly.

1. Check The Light Levels

The natural light coming from the outdoors and the indoor light will determine your ability to get quality sleep through the night. You should start by checking your window dressings. Find out if they can keep out all the light until you are ready to wake up. Are there any gaps in the fabric that light up the room too early?

If so, you should consider using heavy curtains with black-out lining or blinds to keep your bedroom dark and provide the required rest accordingly. If you love shutters more than curtains, you can look for those with interlocking slats that close tightly to produce the same blacked-out effect.

Next, you should consider the type of lighting in your room. If you have an illuminated alarm clock or even the pulsing light of any device on sleep mode will rearrange your natural sense of time. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to reduce these light sources in your room for the best results.

2. Your Bed

Your bed also plays an integral role in the type of sleep you will receive. Most people use their mattresses for decades without upgrading. Note that, you are affecting your quality of sleep with that old mattress and it will tire out your back as well. If you have had your bed for more than 5-7 years, you should do the required upgrade. Take a look at beautyrest recharge mattresses.

Find a good and affordable mattress for your new bed. Make sure you test it in the showroom before buying anything. The bed base too should be replaced at the same time and check whether it’s big enough or comfortable. You should consider choosing a bigger size for your bed, especially if you are sleeping with your partner. It will do wonders for your sleep.

3. Calming Colors

The decor in your bedroom will also affect your quality of sleep. The experts will tell you that soft greens and blues are very restful for your bedroom. You can also choose natural neutrals such as grey, beige, and stone for the utmost comfort. You will create a dramatic effect with heavy blocks of bold colors but they might not offer the soothing environment you need. Avoid heavy patterns as well and focus on soft shades and minimal prints.

4. Check The Temperature In Your Room

If your room is too hot or cold, your sleep will be disrupted. You can check the temperature and turn the thermostat on or off depending on your preferences. Ideally, the room temperature should be 65 degrees F for the best sleep. During the summer months, you should try the lower tog duvet and a higher tog one for the colder months. For couples without any agreement on the right tog, there are duvets on the market with different togs for each side of the bed.

5. Clear The Cutter

You might be lacking proper sleep because of the psychological chaos caused by clutter. Your bed should have solid storage options in a good working condition. If your wardrobe is spilling over or if the floor has dirty clothes all over, you need some extra storage. You can store everything under the bed or find a bed with storage space below the mattress for the best results.


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