How to become popular on Instagram: tips for successful blogging


How to turn from an ordinary person into a leader of opinions? Now let’s listen to real people. These are not stars, not one-day high-supporters – just a few tips for bloggers from different fields of activity. The interview was given by a marketer, fitness trainer, food blogger and traveler photographer.

1. Buy Instagram followers


Getting new followers and retaining the audience. Details on the methods of promoting a business profile are described below.

In 2019 buying instagram followers became one of the most popular tools in promoting brands around the world. The concept is quite simple: you find a seller who offers promotional and boosting services for a small amount of money.

Seller instagram followers can be anyone – we can take for example the website – it is a high-rated vendor with lots of five-star reviews all over the web.

Your active followers, who share the values ​​of the company and are involved in the life of the community, are also peculiar opinion leaders.

An important rule is that before buying followers, you need to know your target audience.

Advertising services “do not just get more coverage, but are effective in a number of other indicators. Cooperation with Kootez helps users with the following options:

– to increase the awareness of the audience about the brand / company / product / service,

– the formation of an audience (especially in the segment of high-tech goods),

– working out the negative (opinion leaders help to dispel the myth of the harms / shortcomings of the product / service),

– increase sales

– increase confidence.

2. Cards of goods – rules of placement


What is an online store without an assortment? So, what can and should be included in the product description on the Instagram network:

Product description. Write briefly and interestingly: you can add funny facts, your personal experience, the history of the appearance of goods in the store, provide usage statistics. Write a story about how a person solved a problem with your product. Remember that people come to talk and not buy! To evoke emotions, to stimulate discussion and need in commodity posts. Tell us about trends, seasonal trends. We supplement the description of fabrics, for example, in addition to the price and composition, with useful information:

Specify the purpose – for whom is suitable and why this product is useful. Imagine that you are talking face to face with a client. In addition to the dry facts about the characteristics of the product, describe also the emotional benefits that it carries. For example, if a dress is made of flax, add that it will be comfortable even in a forty-degree heat.

Got attention? Now mark the price / availability / address of the store. Be sure to write about the discount – it will give you the opportunity to feel that the customer not only spends, but also saves. People react positively to discounts because they guarantee less pain from spending.

Use delimiters. You will facilitate a potential buyer a visual search for the information he needs.

3. Find SMM-manager


As you understand, keeping an online store account on Instagram is energy-intensive. If there is no time, but there are funds, you can hire an SMM-manager.

  • Before hiring a specialist, answer yourself a few questions:
  • How do you see the sales scheme for your online store on Instagram?
  • Did you buy on Instagram by yourself?
  • Do your competitors run the business of this social media?
  • What will you do if the promotion efforts do not show any result?

Taking profit from sales is all important. Do you understand why you need a social network presence? How will this affect your business? Business goes to Instagram for sales, but SMM manager cannot give even a tiny guarantee on anything!

Consider what the SMM specialist can be responsible for:


  1. Content of public. The responsibilities of the SMM-manager include the creation and posting of content.
  2. Communication. Automating posting in services allows you to focus all your efforts on communicating with subscribers: people go to social networks for communication, not shopping. Often, everyone begins to publish only selling and reputational content, forgetting about the main purpose of social networks – communication between users. Prompt response to questions and comments will help you not to lose customers.
  3. Traffic – the flow of potential customers. It is necessary to attract the target audience to Instagram, otherwise no one will see your content, and the products will remain unclaimed.

SMM Manager should:

– know the basic functionality of social media. It will be great if the availability of this knowledge is confirmed by expert articles on the topic, publications on popular resources or in the personal blog of a specialist;

– have experience in working with popular Instagram tools (programs and services for autoposting, massfollowing, masslisting, processing media files, etc.)

– be able to work with negative, objections and black PR. Have experience in holding contests, promotions, etc.

– be able to use popular analytics systems.

The SMM manager searches for your target audience, prepares your customers for sales, is responsible for the content, sets up advertising, processes requests, and executes a promotion plan based on performance metrics.

If you are sure that your audience is on Instagram, then this social media is a great e-commerce platform. Finding new ways to attract customers is a difficult but interesting process. Good luck!



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