How to Do Urban Gardening on Your Balcony

How to Do Urban Gardening on Your Balcony

Many large cities have to start building vertically as they run out of land space to develop. You see many high-rises for people of all ages to live in. As fun and exciting as it can be to live high in the sky, you do miss out on a few things that you would get from a single-family home. One of those things is a garden.

Living in an apartment doesn’t have to stop you from creating a beautiful garden. Urban gardening is a trend that anyone can easily jump aboard, and should do so. It allows you to get the benefits and joy of a garden in a small space.

To help you build your urban garden, we have a few tips for doing so on your balcony.

Pick the Right Plants

You’re not just limited to space with an urban garden on your balcony, but you are also limited to the type of plant you should pick. Not every plant will thrive in this type of location. So, pick plants that you know will work well for apartment gardens.

Plant in Containers

Containers are great for an urban balcony garden because you don’t have a plot of soil to seed. Using containers and baskets won’t make your space look any less of a garden. In fact, you can have much fun decorating your balcony garden with individual containers with fun colors.

Get Behind Vertical Gardening

Again, with an urban balcony garden, you’re quite limited with space. To utilize the most amount of that precious space, look into vertical gardening. Use stackable planters and hanging baskets to use up every inch of your balcony for your garden.

Build Shelving

Another way to use up space in your balcony is to install shelving. Add shelves open up more areas to add planters and pots for your garden. If you want to separate the types of plants you use (flowers from herbs for example), you can separate them on each shelf. It’s a great way to keep your garden organized when you lack space.

Consider Where You Face

If your balcony faces north or east, you’ll have a shady balcony. That means you’ll be limited to the types of plants you should use, as not every plant thrives in the shade. Luckily, many options thrive in little to no sunlight that will make a great addition to your garden.

Give the Roots Space

If the roots of the plant don’t have enough space to grow, your garden won’t last very long. When deciding on planters and containers, make sure they are deep enough for the roots to grow.

Use Potting Soil

For an urban balcony garden, you’re best to use potting soil rather than dirt from the ground. That is because potting soil already comes with the nutrients and fertilizers it needs for the plant to grow strong and healthy. Also, potting soil is quite lighter and drains better.

Use these tips to help you create an urban balcony garden that will be beautiful and thriving. Don’t let your limited amount of space stop you from creating a garden. It allows you to come up with unique ways to make the area work.


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