What fruits should you eat when losing weight?


You often eat fruits for detoxifying your body, energize your system or simply because they taste healthy. When you eat fruits, you actually supply your body with lots of fibers, vitamins, minerals, and various nutrients. Fruits are a very powerful and natural source of all these health-promoting components, which benefits your body in myriad ways. When you target your body towards weight loss, you often take resort to strenuous workout schedules. During this time, you often forget to maintain a healthy diet. That is why you may feel like you are exercising a lot, but it’s not proving helpful in weight loss. Such results are mainly because of the fact that you miss out on a diet program while strenuously exercising every day.

To keep your overall weight loss routine under check, not only do you need to exercise efficiently but also eat healthily. Skipping meals will never help you with weight loss results. This is a myth if you have heard that eating less promotes fat burn. To incorporate healthy food in your diet chart, you need to consume fruits as they promote burning body fat. Say yes to fruits since they are rich in fiber content and has low calories, promoting rapid weight loss.

When you eat lots of fruits in a day, it lowers the chances of diabetes, along with other health risks. Some of the major diseases that fruits save you from are heart disorders, increased blood pressure and risk of cancer. Listed below are some of the fruits that you can try eating for accelerating rate of fat burn.

Best fruits to promote weight loss

Find out which fruits you can include when trying to lose weight:

  1. Apples

You might already be taking this fruit normally in your diet, but do you know the benefits offers? Apples have low calories (116 calories) but are extremely high in fiber (5.4 grams) per fruit of 223 grams. So if you consume one big apple a day, it will offer you these benefits indirectly leading to loss of body weight. It has been studied that if you eat apples for ten weeks straight, it will cause a loss of 0.91 kg.

When you consume fruits that have reduced calories, they eventually bring down your eating cravings as they are filling. When you eat one apple, it is thrice more filling than one chocolate bar. The main motive of such low-calorie fruits is to bring down your hunger and control your overall appetite. You can bake, stew, add to a bowl of oats, or eat them raw.

  1. Orange

Being a citrus fruit, it has very low calories but increased fiber and vitamin content to eat for weight loss. If you eat one orange, it is 4 times more satiating than eating a croissant. Furthermore, when you compare one orange with a muesli bar, the former is 2 times more filling than the latter. You might often prefer drinking orange juice than the whole fruit. However, here’s the deal! Various studies have revealed that if you have the whole orange than its juice, it more beneficial in terms of:

  • Decreased hunger
  • Satiety of appetite
  • Lower intake of calories


  1. Melons


You can go for melons if you want fruits with low calories and high fiber content. Melons make you lose body weight in the most efficient manner. If you consume one cup of melon (containing 150 to 160 g), you can just add around 46 to 61 calories. Other than calorie and fiber benefits, you also supply your body with a huge amount of antioxidants by consuming melons. Some of the other components you intake from melons are potassium, beta carotene Vitamin C, and lycopene.

If you are taking watermelon, remember to eat in proper proportions as it has a high GI (glycemic index). Melons increase hydration in your body, which is important for shedding body fat.  You can consume melons in the form of juice, fruit salad, smoothies, or as fruit popsicles.

Can bananas help you lose weight?

When you are dieting, you often discard the idea of eating bananas since they have high calorie and sugar content. Bananas have higher calorie content than other fruits, but it also supplies you with enormous nutrients:

  • Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.
  • Various antioxidants
  • High quantity of fiber
  • Minerals like magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), and manganese (Mn).

Banana contains GI within the range of low to moderate, thus it can help you regulate your body weight. You can also keep insulin levels under control, whether or not you are affected with diabetes. If you are looking forward to a healthy way of maintaining body weight, eat bananas for these amazing following reasons:

  • Numerous beneficial qualities and high nutritional value
  • Appetite satiating
  • Keeps blood sugar level under control
  • Brings down cholesterol level

Is grapefruit a weight loss promoter?

You can try grapefruit, which is a hybrid cross made by mixing the traits of orange and pomelo. This fruit has shown to promote weight loss in various studies, and thus you can eat this while dieting.

If you eat half a grapefruit, it will supply you with 39 calories but immense quantities of Vitamin A and C. Red grapefruit supplies you with 28 percent of RDI (reference daily intake) for Vitamin A. Other varieties of grapefruit will provide you with 65 percent of RDI for Vitamin C.

The GI of grapefruit is also low, which signifies that it will release sugar into your blood very slowly. When you consume grapefruit with decreased GI, it will support adequate maintenance of body weight by facilitating the required fat burn. You can easily eat grapefruit prior to your major meals, thereby reducing overall food consumption.

The takeaway note from here is that fruits are excellent sources of various nutrients, offering you a countless number of benefits. The only thing to remember is the proportion at which you are going to consume them to shed body fat and stay healthy.


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