A Complete Guide to Jewellery Care

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When you consider the investment you have made over the years to acquire your current jewellery collection, it does kind of make sense to look after it. Poor care can quickly lead to damage, as precious metals and stones can easily become tarnished or marked in some way, and with that in mind, here are a few jewellery care tips everyone should know.

  • Proper Storage – Aside from your wedding ring, all the other accessories spend more time in storage than they do on your body, and this means you need a suitable jewellery box (or two). A large antique jewellery box has many compartments that are lined with velvet, so no two items will ever come into contact with each other. You can buy tiny ring pouches, each with a small string-pull, and if you are looking for some more fine jewellery, check out the antique and fine modern jewellery you can find from the online antique dealer, who has an extensive collection of quality antique and vintage jewellery.
  • Correct Cleaning – A dry and soft microfibre cloth is an essential item to have; and most of the time, a careful wipe is all that is required. That said, rings and bracelets collect the dirt and grime in the atmosphere, and immersing the item in a bowl of water and a little mild detergent is a great way to completely clean an item of jewellery. Dry the piece thoroughly after the rinse, and it will retain its shine. There is also a great article on how to keep your jewellery looking good, which is recommended reading for all jewellery owners.

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  • Avoid Exposure to Chemicals – Perfumes, scents and lotions can contain chemicals, so always put on your jewellery after applying any beauty product. Precious stones and certain metals can easily become tarnished after exposure to certain chemicals. Remove rings when applying any form of lotion onto the skin, and sun screen can be particularly harmful to fine jewellery.
  • Check Before Doing – If you are going to use anything other than soft toothbrush and water to clean any item of jewellery, key in the right question into Google and you will get the confirmation that this will not tarnish the jewellery item in question. Immersion is always a thorough way to clean an intricate jewellery item, and if you use a very mild soap solution and a soft toothbrush, you can restore the item to its original condition, although that might not be suitable for an antique engagement ring, which derives its appeal from ageing.

Always be aware you are wearing your jewellery, and should you feel it isn’t suitable for what you are about to do, take it off and store it away. Rings and bracelets are especially susceptible to damage, so gardening and the likes demands their temporary removal, and should you be looking to add to your collection, a Google search will take you to a reputable online antique dealer, and he can source your requirements.

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If you treat your jewellery with the respect it deserves, it will always be in good condition and ready to wear.


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