Must Experience Activities When Hitting Up Vegas

Must Experience Activities When Hitting Up Vegas

Las Vegas is a “place to visit before you die” for many because there are plenty of things that are waiting to be experienced in the city which you simply cannot find anywhere else. Las Vegas is a thing to behold and a place to let go of all your inhibitions to participate in all that the city has to offer. Eating, drinking and having fun can be done in so many parts of Vegas, and very few of them are actually disappointing.

Las Vegas is a destination where people go to make memories and get out of their comfort zone to relax and live a little. There’s no doubt that there are some activities that you absolutely must experience when you hit up Las Vegas, and here is a comprehensive list of all the things that you should do while you’re in town.

Visit the Bellagio Fountains

This is one of the obviously free things to do in Las Vegas, but it is also definitely one of the coolest. The fountain shows are quite lovely and they rise up to five hundred feet in the air, often alongside music by famous artists. Shows run between every fifteen minutes and half an hour during the day, and it can give you a pause from your hectic sightseeing. It’s also a great place to have a date, especially when it’s totally free and fun. If you like, you can also take a tour of the Bellagio Conservatory inside the main hotel lobby.

Visit the Venetian Grand Canal

This is yet another free thing to do in Las Vegas, and it is a sight not to miss because you get a slice of Italy without even having to visit the Atlantic. As a part of the Vegas Strip, The Venetian almost perfectly replicates the highlights of Venice, the main one being the Grand Canal. Other than visiting the sight, you can pay $29 to take a gondola ride through the canal, a price that is much less expensive than what you could actually pay in Venice (the amount ranges between 80 and 100 Euros). Just like in Venice, there are shops alongside the replica of the Grand Canal to which you can pay a visit.

Experience Paris in Las Vegas

Even Sin City could not perfectly embody the historic city of lights, but the Las Vegas take on Paris is one of the most visited sites in the city. It provides a glance into Paris’ most iconic monuments, like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, an architectural attempt based on the Opera Garnier, and even the Louvre. Depending on whether you go in the morning or evening, the ticket prices to visit this Eiffel Tower varies and it allows you to have a 360-degree view of Las Vegas from its observation deck. You can also experience a more interactive session with Napoleon’s Duelling Pianos for free. 

Gambling in Las Vegas

This is a no-brainer. When you go to Las Vegas, it is expected that you will spend a lot of money and have stories of “remember that time in Vegas when…” because there is literally nowhere else in the world that these stories can originate. To get the full Vegas experience, you will have to try your hand at gambling, and the possibilities are endless. You can visit the casinos in the areas mentioned above, or go to the New York part of Vegas on The Strip, or hit up any of the other local casinos that are crowding up the city.

There are plenty of places to choose from, and they are all made for amateurs as well as seasoned gamblers. If you’re afraid of being around too many people and don’t want to try your luck at land-based casinos or sportsbooks, but still want to gamble when you’re hitting up Vegas, you can bet online at on your favorite sports as well as look up the latest odds.

Visit the Neon Museum

Located in downtown Vegas, the Neon Museum is hands down one of the coolest museums in the city. You can choose to do the guided tours which offer a look into old marquees and vintage Vegas, and allows you to see what the place has been like through the ages. Recently, a light and video display by the artist Craig Winslow has been added to the experience. The artist brings these signs to life without even having plugged any of them in. They are in tune with the music that shows Vegas through the years, and it is associated with pride more than pretension. After it is all over, you are sure to be feeling like you’re a part of the historic city.

Visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation

Only a twenty-minute drive from Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon is a naturalistic wonder. It is shaped much like an alien landscape, and it is the perfect place to experience nature and for those who love to hike. Several world-leading classes on mountain climbing and bouldering are offered here, so you can take a break from the city and get some fresh air and physical activity as a part of your Las Vegas experience. For outdoors enthusiasts, there are many communities in Vegas who share the passion for hiking and canyoneering, so you can connect with plenty of people outside the gambling and drinking circuit in the city as well. Red Rock is a tourist favorite as there is a beautiful 13-mile long drive that can be taken in a loop in the area, which is perfect for pictures.   

This is only a small list of the things that you can experience while at Las Vegas. There are several exciting and entertaining activities that you can participate in, so be sure to do your research before hitting the town. Keep an open mind and you will be experiencing all the thrills in no time while making the fondest of memories in Sin City.


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