Ideas and Tips for a Memorable Fiji Wedding

Ideas and Tips for a Memorable Fiji Wedding

More and more couples are deciding to have their wedding in exotic destinations. Believe it or not, this is not just popular as an unforgettable experience, but destination weddings are actually proven to be cheaper than traditional weddings if planned well. This makes it as practical as it is extraordinary.

Every destination has its local flavor, so what should you think about when planning a Fiji wedding and how should you bring out the best in such a destination?

Venue, Ambiance & Decor

Firstly, you should start by deciding on what kind of wedding you would like to have for yourself. It could be an intimate, modest and sacred ceremony, or it can be extravagant, joyous and loud.

For an intimate wedding, you can check out Yatule Resort, a secluded spot on Natadola beach. There you can arrange for a simplistic reed pavilion to symbolize a shrine and later have a private cabana dinner.

If you’re looking for something a bit more showy, immerse your wedding in tropical decor, and have your reception set by the rainforest such as in Matangi Island. This will surely make it more dramatic and exotic.

Food & Drink

As for the food and drinks, know that Fiji is a multicultural country and that the menu varies from Indian curries to Chinese dishes and seafood. However, Fijians are known to prefer coconut based diets, which is something you should definitely go for.

Find out the authentic delicacies of Fiji. Fiji’s tropical fruits can be great for freshly brewed cocktails or even some traditional aromatic tisanes for the evening hours.

Style, Hair & Makeup

Depending on the time of year, the climate varies from 26 to 31 degrees during the day and can drop to a minimum of 18-19 degrees. The cool season starting from June to October is relatively dry, while the December to April season is hotter, humid and rainy.

Always opt for lighter materials, colors, and makeup when dealing with hot weather. Not only will it melt, but heavy make-up can make you look weary and less youthful. When it comes to materials, opt for cotton or silk and breathable materials.

As for the hairstyle, be sure to have a hairstyle that can last through humid periods. It can be a good idea to try and put some natural oils in your hair. It will not only make it smell good but prevent it from becoming puffy or drying out in the sun.

Ideas and Tips for a Memorable Fiji Wedding

Music & Dance

This is what it all comes down to. Music and movement can determine the overall mood and energy of the event. You should pick carefully the type of vibes you want to bring to the scene. Depending on the ambient, the number of guests, and personal preference, you can look for different local possibilities.

Having a beachfront choir sing or a Fijian folk fusion of Polynesian and Malaysian traditional music can be a wonderful solution for the ceremony. For the upbeat party, you can hire local DJs or some of the popular wedding party bands.

Wedding Assistance

Planning such an event can be quite stressful, which can drain all the energy and joy out of the wedding. Especially when it comes to paperwork and the details hard to manage from another country, having someone arrange the whole Fiji wedding destination package is quite useful, although an additional expense.

Alternatively, you can find the assistance you need yourself. There are plenty of local photographers with a good reputation you can hire. You should also hire a wedding coordinator from one of the resorts you pick, as they know their way around the place.

Other Activities

Besides the wedding itself, always have a couple of aces up your sleeve. The good thing about Fiji is that it is just four hours from the East Coast of Australia.

All in all, whatever you choose, make sure that it is what you want because Fiji will not disappoint in any case.


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