5 sofas to enhance your midcentury modern living room

5 sofas to enhance your midcentury modern living room


Can you imagine a living room without a sofa? No? Well, you’re definitely not alone – everyone feels that way. The sofa is an integral part of the lounge area. Without it, everything feels incomplete. It’s the one piece of furniture that totally defines and sets the tone for the theme of your home. So, if you’re searching for the best sofas to furnish your mid century modern living room with, then here are 5 gorgeous choices to inspire you:

  1. The Mia Sofa

Large, comfortable, and stylishly divided, the Mia sofa is a great choice for living rooms that feature softness and artistic stylism in their themes. Just take a look at this image as an example. The blush pastel upholstery of this sofa makes a great foreground for the lush green feature window backdrop. It is oversized but the scarce surroundings make up for its stupendous stature with their minimal aesthetics and timeless modernity. Your midcentury modern living room would definitely look stunning with this sofa as its centerpiece.

  1. PK31 Style sofa

5 sofas to enhance your midcentury modern living room indoor


If you’re looking for something modern with a vintage edge, then the PK31 style sofa would be right up your alley. Its solid upholstery and chrome base resemble the iconic Barcelona collection, but the unique curve of the legs at the base coupled with the high-back and low-height sides set it totally apart. Your midcentury modern style living room would feel very authentic and original with this sofa at its center. The set-up that is featured in this image is the perfect example of how you can introduce this sofa in your own living rooms.

  1. Kubus sofa

5 sofas to enhance your midcentury modern living room brown leather


The Kubus sofa is an eye-catching piece that has a very retro vibe to it. Not only does it feature a highly tufted countenance, but it also has a fully solid color scheme that becomes the focal point of a room the instant one enters it. It’s very iconic and makes a great statement. However, do make sure that you use it with a plain backdrop as its tactile texture can feel very overwhelming without proper accommodating. The compact set-up in the open floor layout featured in this image is a pretty great example that you can reiterate in your own mid-century modern living room.

  1. Hans Wegner sofa

5 sofas to enhance your midcentury modern living room


The stylishly modern aesthetic of the Hans Wegner sofa has become totally timeless over the years. Its subtly distressed upholstery pairs really well with its chrome legs and would be an excellent addition in a midcentury modern living room with a contemporary flair. The achromatic setting featured in this image is a great example. The black of the sofa stands out gorgeously against the white of the background, which enhances the overall impact of the whole ambiance twofold.

  1. Husk sofa

5 sofas to enhance your midcentury modern living room couch


If you’re looking for plush, comfortable, and contemporary, then the Husk sofa would be the perfect piece to complement your midcentury modern living room with. It has similar tufting as the Kubus sofa, but it’s not as sleekly finished and stands on narrow cylindrical feet. It can also be featured in small or medium-sized interiors – just like the living room featured in this image.

So, these 5 sofas have a very different vibe, but they’re all really great when you want to effuse your mid century modern living room with the utmost style, grace, and trendiness.


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