Undeniable reasons that will convince you to rent a TV without wasting a moment

Undeniable reasons that will convince you to rent a TV without wasting a moment

Doubtlessly a TV is one of the essential things that assist you in passing a dreary day and in watching your favorite movies or TV series, but getting the ultra modish and advanced TV set needs you to shell out huge money.

Long gone are the days when people use those thick and dull display TVs, now is the time to hang a crisp and straight LED TV that can enhance the look of your home.

If you are looking to buy a TV, then you need to stop immediately!


Read this article carefully and get a glimpse of the reasons why renting a television is way beyond better than purchasing one.

Get a massive TV on the cost of dimes


We don’t have used the word dime to attract you, but you can get a TV for the cost of dimes. When you calculate your monthly tenure with the cost of buying then the rent will look like dimes. Buying a new TV is way exorbitant and needs you to spend a considerable amount of money.

You are free to invest the saved amount


Well, this is another benefit of renting a TV that you get to save a massive amount of money. Suppose you are going to buy a TV that is worth 50K, and you rent the same TV on a monthly rental of 1,000 (based on models) then you are directly saving an amount worth 49K. That is a whopping amount!

You can choose to invest this money anywhere you like and can pay your easy monthly rent without any hassles.

Change the TV with your need


So you are relocating to your new home and need an extremely big TV? Your old TV isn’t enough to cover up the walls and is not complementing your home?

Well, if you have a purchased TV, then things can get tough for you, as you need to get rid of the older TV which isn’t a great deal.

The market for second-hand TVs isn’t too rewarding, and you have to sell your TV for a low amount.

But if you rent a TV, then there’s a piece of good news for you.

You can swap the smaller TV with a larger one at no extra charges. Don’t pay any installation or reinstallation charges just pay the monthly rental that is associated with the new TV and you are free.

Isn’t it a fantastic deal?

Get the versatility you need


Most of the professionals out there who are on continuous business tours have no time to watch TV, and if they have then it is very little time to watch their favorite TV shows. Why invest your money into a TV set when you don’t watch it the whole year?

You should consider renting a TV because it will reward you with the freedom you are looking for. You can rent a TV for the months you are in your city and spending time at your home, and at the time when you are heading abroad or to any other city for work, you can cancel the rental tenure with a few clicks.

No hassles of EMIs and additional taxes

So you are thinking to buy a TV on easy EMIs? Those EMIs are just named as easy EMIs but are hard to pay. Calculate the amount of TV and now calculate the number of EMI’s the amount will be more than the cost of the television.

Banks and other finance companies will charge their processing fees and other additional charges that will impact your pocket.

Plus every EMI has some taxes attached to it, so you are not signing an EMI contract deal you are signing a deal of burden.

If you fail to pay the EMIs on time, then it can also harm your credit score.

With TV rental, the monthly rent is easy to pay and has no hidden charges. Additionally, you are the ultimate boss who can cancel or renew the subscription anytime, and there is nothing that can impact your pocket severely.

Free relocation service

Umm, this is one of the exemplary reasons that push thousands of renters to rent a TV!

Getting home a TV is not a onetime cost; you need to pay the money to the electrician guy who mounts the TV on the wall and connects it with all the cables.

The cost of hiring an electrician isn’t too high, but finding the perfect guy for this job is a tough task.

You cannot appoint anyone to setup your TV that costs thousands of rupees.

With the TV rental option, you get free installation and free relocation. Rental companies have their expert installation teams who reach your doorsteps and install the TV as per your preference.

Pay advance rental cheques and take a sigh of relief

With TV renting you can avail the option to pay advance rental cheques with the dates of respective months; this helps you in terminating the troubles of paying rent on time as you have already set up things as per your requirement.

You get the same option with EMIs also, but you cannot leave the plan as you have to pay the full EMIs, no matter what. But with a rental plan, you have the authority to cancel it after certain rental tenure.

Wrap Up

These are only a few benefits of renting a TV. You will experience much more benefits when you actually rent a TV. For renting a TV, you can rely on CityFurnish which is the preferred and reliable choice of thousands of people in India.

We offer the latest TV models that are capable of delivering you with the authentic watching experience. Also, we offer rental plans that are easy on the pocket and can save you from shaking your monthly budget.

Tap the Contact Us button if you have any queries and also to let us know if you are interested in bulk orders.



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