The benefits of installing commercial RO water filters

The benefits of installing commercial RO water filters

Commercial water purifiers   

The requirement of fresh drinking water is considered to be a necessity as our health depends very much on the pure and clean drinking water.  The institutions like schools, colleges, offices, and restaurants have a large number of people frequenting the place and providing them with pure drinking water as one of the responsibilities of the authorities. The commercial organizations like restaurant and hotels use clean and purified water for cooking purpose and also for drinking purpose. Water filters are therefore the fundamental requirements of the commercial institutions so that the consumers can have safe drinking water and less exposed to the waterborne diseases.

Installing commercial water purifiers is one of the basic responsibilities of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to provide safe drinking water to the students.  The officers and other commercial like Shopping Mall, theatres and other retail shops also install commercial water purifiers to provide pure drinking water to their customers.  The hospital and other health service providing organizations use commercial water purifiers to provide clean and pure drinking water to the patients and medical staffs in the hospital. The restaurants and hotels extensively used commercial water purifiers provide clean and pure drinking water to the customers. They also use commercial water purifiers to provide pure water for preparing food for the customers.

The reverse osmosis technology uses a membrane to purify water.   The membrane separates the continents and ensures that only clean and safe water is produced for consumption which reduces the hazard of waterborne diseases.  The capacity of commercial ro system ranges from 35 liters per hour to 250 liters per hour.

How the water purifiers work               

The mechanism of reverse osmosis water filtration procedure is very simple. A semi-permeable membrane is used in the commercial RO water purifier system which effectively prevents all the contaminants in the water like the pesticides iron microorganisms and other chemicals.  The reverse osmosis water purification system not only remove insoluble impurities but they also deal with many water-related problems which are responsible for various health problems. The functions of commercial RO purifiers depend on various components used in the water purification system.  The components are,

The pre-filters

The cold water line valves present in the filter passes the impure water through the reverse osmosis pre-filters.  The most common pre-filters are the sediment filters and carbon filters.   These filters efficiently remove all the dirt, mud particles, chlorine components and other sediments present in normal water.  The pre-filters are used to remove all these components so that the main reverse osmosis semipermeable membrane is not damaged by these components.

The reverse osmosis membrane

The success of commercial ro plant depends on the semipermeable reverse osmosis membrane. The reverse osmosis membrane effectively removes all the impurities present in the tap water including the microbes. After the water is removed of all the contaminants it enters into the storage tank.

The post filters

Before the water enters into the storage tank it passed through the post filters which is mainly the carbon filters to remove all the bad odor and treat the water to have good taste.

The storage tank

The purified water is stored in the storage tank and the capacity of the storage tank in a commercial RO water purifier system depends on the demand of the user.  Mostly 100 liters per hour capacity commercial water purifier can provide clean and pure water To a single floored Commercial Complex.  According to the demand of the customers, the storage tank capacity of commercial RO water purifier system can be up to 1000 to efficiently supply pure drinking water to a large number of people frequenting the place.

The drain line

The impure part of the water drained out from the drain line which contains all the dirt and impurities present in the source water.

The ultraviolet disinfection

An ultraviolet lamp is used for ultraviolet disinfection which provides clean and uncontaminated drinking water.  The UV light is the germicidal ultraviolet light and the rays emitted from this light deactivate the pathogens.  That violate right actually modifies the pathogen DNA and stop the process of multiplication.  In this way, 99.9% of microbes are killed by the ultraviolet lamp present in the commercial RO water purifiers.

Benefits of water purifiers                    

The benefits of commercial RO water purifier systems can be summarized as,

Free from lead

The reverse osmosis water purifier system completely removes lead from drinking water and makes the water safe for consumption.  The presence of lead in drinking water can result in increased blood pressure, fertility problems and also nerve and muscle disorders.  Lead can damage the brain and also known to be a cause of anemia in children.

Fit for cancer patients

During cancer treatment, the patients go through chemotherapy and as a result, their immune system becomes weak.  The untreated water can be very dangerous for them as the microorganisms present in that water can cause serious infection in their body.

Free from cryptosporidium

Cryptosporidium is a parasite found in contaminated water and bear attack the membrane of the small intestine causing severe stomach pain and diarrhea.  Especially the children become the victim of cryptosporidium and it can cause dehydration and Malnutrition to the children.  The commercial RO water purifiers completely make the water free from cryptosporidium and make it safe for the children and elderly persons.

Free from sodium

The sodium molecules are effectively removed by water purifier so people with high blood pressure and suffering from Kidney as well as liver diseases can be benefited from the water from RO water filters.

Moreover, the commercial RO water filters convert hard water into soft water and enhance the taste of the water.  The commercial places can save a huge amount of money by installing commercial water filters instead of distributing the bottled waters.

Final notes      

The commercial RO water filters are regularly serviced by the organizations which have manufactured them. The maintenance procedure is systematic and ensures that the water purified system performs at its best by providing clean and safe drinking water to the users.                             


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