What makes Bali the best place to propose in Asia?



If she likes adventures and is always up for a thrill, Bali might be the most ideal romantic destination to pop the question to her.

From starlit sky to lush green vegetation, a thrilling active volcano or a deep blue ocean filled with sharks and manta rays, Bali has it all. There is a story behind every location. You need to ask yourself, what your story is, and how you plan to write it ahead!

10 most romantic places to propose in Bali

Marriage signifies a lifetime together. It is a promise to be by each other. Choose the spot which adds the most meaning to your lives.

Here is a guide to the top 10 locations in Bali which might be ideal for you to ask her the million-dollar question.

  1. Bubble hotel

This is the most exotic and romantic place in Bali. The Bubble hotel has transparent igloo shaped rooms. This is a must hotel to visit with your soul mate. Lay under the star-filled night, count the constellations and wake up to the sound of the oceans. The Bubble Hotel is a dream destination for the hard-core romantics. Personalize your stay and add massages, sports, shoots and barbeque dinners to make it more exciting.

  1. A trip to Mt Batur

If you seek more thrill trek Mt Batur and at the light of the first dawn, propose to spend all the waking dawns with her. Mt Batur is a 2-hour trek which needs moderate to good trekking skills. Wherever you might be staying in Bali, you will get options of guides who arrange these treks on a regular basis. You need to start the trek at 4am and reach the summit by 6 am to see the beautiful sunrise. Go down on your knees at the summit.

  1. Deep dive in Nusa Penida

If she is a water baby, then Nusa Penida might be your go-to spot. A short boat ride from Sanur harbor will take you the most thrilling dive spots in Bali. The crystal blue ocean water and bright corals will play party to your romantic affair. However, make sure you learn the hand gestures right, to understand her response once you propose 50 feet under.

  1. Snorkel in Gili Meno

If you want to keep the water affair a bit simple, take a short snorkeling trip to the Gili islands off Lombok. The Gilis are made up of 3 small islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

Take a small expedition in Gili Meno, where you can find 48 lovely sculptures under water. The sculptures are manmade and depict the circle of life. These human figures will slowly become a part of the coral reef. This might be the most meaningful and significant place to propose to your partner.

  1. Pink beach

If she loves Pink, then the Pink beach at the Komodo islands is where you can go down on your knees. Easily accessible through air and ferry, the Pink beach is a rare site and is one of the only seven pink beaches in the world. This is a place you should not miss.

  1. Tanah Lot

If she is spiritual, believes in chanting and meditation you might consider the Tanah Lot to propose. The temple is right on the sea, and it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bali and one of the top photographed spots out here. The best time to visit Tanah Lot is during the sunset. In the evening the priests come and pray under the temple. They can bless your union and pray for you as you start the journey of a lifetime together.

  1. Uluwatu temple and Jimbaran dinner

Another beautiful temple in the south of Bali is Uluwatu. Just like Tanah Lot, the best time to visit the temple is at sunset. Enthrall yourself with a lively Kecak dance, where they performers enact the story of Ramayana.

Once you finish the temple visit take your partner to a lovely dinner by the Jimbaran beach. Here the sea waters will kiss your feet as you sit to wine and dine with your loved one. If she loves seafood, she would appreciate the dinner spread which can be customized with lobsters, crabs, prawns, fish, and mussels.

  1. Rock Bar

If you are looking for a classier venue at Jimbaran, you might consider the Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort. It serves the best tapas and cocktails in Bali. Perched at the top of a cliff, the Rock Bar boasts of a dramatic view of the Indian ocean. The sunset and the electrifying vibe of the place are unparalleled. The seductive ambiance and glamourous view heighten the spirit. If you want magic this is where you should be.

  1. Terrace rice gardens

Rice is the principal crop of the island. Rice also signifies prosperity, good health and is a key ingredient used for blessing by the Balinese. If you believe in the Hindu culture, the beautiful rice terraces might be the best place for you to propose.

To make it more exciting, go for the couple swings and slide the ring down her finger as you plunge out in the air. It is good to mix of adrenaline rush with the soothing greenery around. Start the journey amidst love, fun, thrill, and well-being. Tegalalang rice terrace and the Jatiluwih rice terrace are two popular ones you might want to choose from.

  1. Wanagiri hidden hills

One of the most Instagrammable places in Bali the Wanagiri hills are popular for the Bali swings and the cute nests. Ideally, a place for couples to visit, the Wanagiri hills boasts a beautiful panoramic view of two large lakes, Lake Tamblinganis at the west of the hill and Lake Bratan to the east.

Come, visit here early in the morning or later towards evening and be greeted by the cool airy breeze. The human-size nests, the couple swings, beautiful tree houses are the Balinese version of Eiffel Tower. Come enjoy the romance in the air.

Final thoughts

It is time you book your tickets, your stay, and most importantly do all that you need, to woo the love of your life. We’re sure it is going to be a trip to cherish forever, so make the most of it!



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