How to Be a Better Writer

How to Be a Better Writer

Writing is a valuable skill that everyone should master. It is a necessity when you have to construct a resume, a letter or an e-mail. There are several things you can do to sharpen your writing ability and make you successful. Let’s examine a few of those ideas.

Vary Your Words to Lighten Up Your Text

Does it feel like you are repeating yourself over and over? Do you see the same word popping up again and again in your sentences? Using synonyms in your writing allows you to repeat the same thought without duplicating the same word. A thesaurus has a list of words that have very similar meaning for a writer to utilize in their manuscripts. If you are looking for a phrase that means the exact opposite, a thesaurus has a listing of those also.

Write Often

The best way to improve your writing is to practice, practice, practice. Carrying a notepad with you or adding a notepad app to your phone allows you to write whenever and wherever you please. The more you develop your skill, the better you will get. You can keep your work to yourself, you can share it with those you love or you can even submit it to be published. Your practice work could make you money in the end.

Read As Much As You Can

Great writers are also great readers. When you read someone else’s work, you can pick up tips and tricks from other authors. It is also a great inspiration to prod you to write even more. Reading increases your knowledge of subjects in the world which makes you even smarter. It also increases your vocabulary to use in your own work and illustrates how to use punctuation and sentence formation correctly from sources that do this for a living.

Set Up A Writing Space and Time

Setting up a routine for your writing makes you more productive and makes the experience more enjoyable. Find the best place that makes you the most comfortable, whether it is at your desk or on your bed. Schedule the best time of the day to sit down and gather your thoughts and put them on paper. Discover the best atmosphere for you to create your work, whether it is with silence or with soft music or other white noise. Once your world is ready around you the better the words on the paper will be.

Take a Class or Two

Taking a class in writing allows you to learn more techniques in writing and the best ways to construct sentences and make your manuscript come alive. You will get the opportunity to share what you’re writing with the instructor and with those in the class with you. Classes often take time to critique each other’s work, giving additional feedback to learn from. There are multiple genres to choose from ranging from creative writing to non-fiction to business writing. Students can bond over their writing and forge relationships that can go on long beyond the class if they choose to publish their work.


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