Je T’aime: Top 11 Most Romantic Things to Do in Paris, France

Je T'aime: Top 11 Most Romantic Things to Do in Paris, France

Working a full-time job and trying to maintain your relationship can be a challenge. Taking a trip is a great way to improve your work-life balance and put the spark back in your relationship.

Paris has long been known as one of the most romantic destinations on earth. Between its mild climate, bodacious blossoms, winding cobblestone streets, and ornate rod iron gates, Paris is a scenic and special city to visit.

But if you’ve never visited the city before, it can be easy to get caught up in the tourism experience and miss out on some of the most romantic things to do in Paris. Read on for a guide to ensure you hit the highlights on your next trip to this city of love.

1. Have a Lovely Picnic

One of the most romantic things to do in Paris is to have a picnic. The only question is where you will go first.

Some people opt for a picnic in sight of the Eiffel Tower, but if you are truly looking for a romantic and timeless experience, try putting your blanket on the slopping shores of the River Seine. For extra fun, you can even bring a note pad or some paints and try to capture your experience.

2. Take a Scooter Ride Through the City

A lot of people know how much fun it can be to ride a scooter through the city. It’s a very popular form of travel since you can avoid a lot of traffic and feel like you are experiencing the city.

Make sure you include views of the Eiffel Tower in your cruise and take some time to ride along the River Seine. You also may want to check out the Cathedral of Notre Dame and pass over some of Paris’ famous bridges.

You’ll be able to see a lot more on a scooter than if you take the underground metro or sit stuck in traffic in a car.

Make sure you choose a day when the weather is nice and rent your scooter for the entire day. Once you get started, you won’t want to cut your adventure short.

3. Marvel at the Gardens of Versailles

The Palace of Versaille is known as one of the most ambitious and luxurious building projects of all time. It’s a palace full of grand rooms – so big that many of them can’t be maintained all of the time for the public to see.

You can sign up for a daytime tour where you will be able to see some of the rooms of the palace, but the real beauty of Versailles is in the gardens outside.

Within the gardens are ponds, petting zoos, and even a small theater building where you can imagine Marie Antoinette herself went to see shows in the plush velvet chairs.

4. Row Out to the Temple of Love

The Temple of Love is a small island formed where two rivers branch apart in the midst of the Garden of Versailles. You can row out there as a couple and spend time on the shores.

Make sure you plan your trip at sunset. You’ll be awed by the breathtaking colors that reflect off the water – from warm pinks and beiges to more shocking purples and blues.

The temple itself was built in 1778 by the order of Marie Antoinette who wanted a place to celebrate her love with her husband, the kind. It’s believed to be the place where they consummated their marriage years after the original ceremony.

5. Write Your Message on the Wall of Love

Also located in Paris is a 416 square foot tile wall designed as a rendezvous for lovers with eternal love. The tiles are made of lava as a representation of the heat they carry.

The words “I love you” have been written on the wall in more than 311 different languages. The words were collected by a pair of artists who went door to door asking people to sign their book with the phrase in their native dialect.

It’s a great place to take that special someone and feel the weight of love all around you. Plus, it’s fun to spend some time trying to see how many of the languages you can recognize.

6. Go for a Sunset Cruise on the Seine

The Seine River is one of the most scenic waterfronts in the world. There are many different companies that offer you the opportunity to take a dinner cruise on the river.

Try to choose a cruise that works for you and your partner. Some of them are short at just an hour or two long and only offer you the opportunity to dine. Others will take you around Paris and give you the opportunity to get off the boat and see sites along the way.

This kind of cruise is great for people who won’t be in Paris long but want to get a truly romantic take on the town. You’ll be able to hit most of Paris’ highlights including the Eiffel Tour, Lourve, and Notre-Dame.

If you’re concerned about the weather during your trip, try booking with a river cruise company that has covered options. Many of the boats have glass-paneled walls that allow you to enjoy the views on the river no matter what time of year it is.

7. Get Dressed Up for Dinner at Hôtel Plaza Athénéé

This hotel is one of the most expensive places to stay in Paris at more than $600 per night on discount travel sites. But it’s also one of the most iconic designer hotels in the city.

If you can’t afford a night’s stay, you should still come in for dinner at its Michelin-star restaurant. You’ll be more than impressed by the space’s decor before the food even has a chance to make it out of the kitchen.

8. Visit Paris’ Only Vineyard

Le Clos Montmartre is the only working vineyard in Paris. It’s located in the Montmartre neighborhood but is easy to miss if you aren’t familiar with its location.

There used to be many more vineyards in the area but they were destroyed during the French Revolution. Fortunately, artists in 1933 planted new grapes in the area and were able to preserve the legacy. Make sure you stop in for a tour and a glass of this special wine while you’re in the city.

9. Catch a Flick at Le Champo or Studio 28

Paris is home to many beautiful theaters where you can go and see some French cinema. Consider visiting Le Champo, an arthouse that has been open since 1938. You’ll be able to catch films from such classic filmmakers as Federico Fellini and Alfred Hitchcock.

Or if you’re looking for an even more classic experience at the theater, consider visiting the oldest cinema in the city – Studio 28. There you will be able to see French films with charming and timeless storylines in theaters right next to films from Hollywood’s golden age.

10. Enjoy the Views From the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a bucket list destination for many people. It’s one of the most recognized icons in the world and was built for the World’s Exposition in 1889.

It was initially very unpopular with Parisians but has since drawn more than two hundred million visitors from around the world.

You may consider the Eiffel Tower to be somewhat of a cliche for a romantic adventure, but it truly is spectacular when it is lit up at night. Make sure you at least catch a glimpse of this sparkling tower, even if you don’t have time to visit one of its restaurants.

11. See a Show at the Opera Bastille or Opera Garnier

Paris has an incredible performing arts scene. It’s a wonderful destination for a night out at the theater or opera.

If you’re learning French, then visiting a classic opera at the Opera Garnier is a great way to challenge yourself, though the building itself is something to behold. The Opera Garnier holds more than 2,000 people and features the city’s famous ballet. It was designed and built in 1875 as part of an Academy of Music that was forming.

There are also more contemporary shows available at the Opera Bastille. The Opera Bastille features more dramatic performances like Othello, Lady Macbeth, and other classic works of theater. It’s a great place to bring your drama-loving partner.

Beyond Romantic Things to Do in Paris

The romantic things to do in Paris found on this list will reignite your romance and place your on the fast track to relationship bliss.

But don’t stop there. Why not continue your travels with a romantic world tour? Check out our other articles to learn about the hottest destinations.


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