How to prepare for CISA Certification

Overview of CISA Certifications Courses in the US

An introduction to Cybersecurity

Over the years, cybersecurity has been a major area of concern. The unidentified invasion, also referred to as hacking, into the system of a computer followed by, tampering with the data, software, and other application of the system is a major challenge faced by security officials and are prevented by availing various cybersecurity options. CISA is a course which prepares a person to get actively involved with the prevention of such crimes and cybersecurity.

What is CISA?

The CISA certification course gives skills which are required to manage and govern IT. There is a growing need for IT security experts which is predicted to rise in 2019, and this makes the CISA certification course one of the most popular courses dealing with information security.

Why is CISA certification important?

This specific course is provided in combination with ISACA and makes sure that the student cracks the final certification examination. If you are looking for a job in the field of information security, having a CISA certification is mandatory. The course will help you get thorough knowledge of the process associated with IS audit and hence, you will be able to know the procedure to protect information systems.

How to get CISA certified?

For becoming a CISA certified professional, the following steps should be followed:

Clearance of the examination for CISA

An application is to be submitted for the certification of CISA

Abiding by the rules and regulations catering to Professional Ethics

Sticking to the Experienced Education Program

Skills gathered from taking the CISA Certification Course

After CISA certification training, an individual will learn the following skills:

Increased understanding of the process associated with the IS audit and assurance.

Managing and governing the environment linked to enterprise IT.

Gathering thorough knowledge and information about all the domains belonging to CISA.

Importance of the CISA Certification Course

The purpose of training for CISA is crucial for professionals who deal with the management, invigilation, and assessment of the system associated with business and IT of a particular organization. Such systems consist of the following posts:

       Consultation and Audit experts

       Managing and serving compliance

       Managing the operational risks of the company

       Directors of security


What types of jobs are suitable for CISA trained experts?

Jobs that are ideal for CISA trained professionals are as follows:

Consultant or managing head of Information security

Consultant technologist

Manager of operational risks

Managing compliance and analysis

Managing projects

Securing Cloud

Crucial features for the CISA certification course

The following steps are to be followed to avail the CISA certification course:

Submission of the entire application is mandatory and that should be done within a span of five years calculated from the time when you clear the examination.

Any experience gained by you should be verified. The experience is valid up to 10 years from the date at which you applied for the course or it may also be within a span of 5 years from the day of clearance of the examination.

Duration of the CISA course

If you opt for the self-learning step through online courses, you may complete the entire course within a time-span of 40 hours. For an online classroom set up, the time may be reduced; 32 hours is enough for the completion of the course.

Since the course is not easy, a person can attempt three times to crack the examination for the CISA training. Learners are guided thoroughly so that they can crack the exam at the very first attempt.

The validity of the CISA certification

The certification for CISA is valid for three years. As soon as you have completed the exam, the certificate for the same can be received within a month from the website of the management and learning system, which can be downloaded in your email.

Other features of the training program

Once students avail the training program, they can avail several e-learning files and the contents of the subject. They can practice demo questionnaire for the stimulation tests which can help prepare them for the actual test. Students can also avail a handbook which comprises all necessary information about the course.

More details about the CISA certification examination

The score from CISA ranges from 200 to 800. A minimum score of 450 must be achieved by the participants for passing the examination. The minimum score as mentioned before is 200 and the highest score is 800 which signifies 100 percent accuracy in all the questions answered by an individual.

After an individual has successfully passed the CISA examination, he/ she will be provided with a certification for the completion of the course. This certificate is proof that they have completed the course. A grade card mentioning their marks will also be given to them later, through which companies can assess their score and percentile for the examination.


There has been a continuous and growing demand for professionals who possess the skills and expertise associated with the audit, management, and security of the information systems. This course helps an individual to be equipped with the aforementioned skills and makes them an expert in the information and security sectors. For more information on the course, and to learn the basics of CISA you can refer to the video by Chuck Easttom.


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