How to resolve hair loss problems before your wedding?

How to resolve hair loss problems before your wedding?

The wedding date is ready, and you are all set and taking care of all the marriage preps. With such a lot of things to try and do in set time, you may be feeling the strain taking a toll. However, an excessive amount of stress is not sensible for you and you would like to catch the signs early.

One of the most common issues caused by stress is hair fall. You may lose some hair daily, which is natural for most of us. Hair fall could be a sign that your body is growing healthier ones to swap the older damaged ones.

You may hear things like, “a hundred strands of hair falling off every day is quite natural”. However, if you begin to see a rise within the quantity of hair that falls off, it could be a red alert. There can be many other causes responsible for your excessive hair loss every day.

One problem is genetic, and then it is out of your hands for management. However, another problem can be telogen effluvium that causes temporary hair loss. This problem is often caused by changes in your hormonal secretion and associated health issues.

How cortisol affects your hair

One of the most vital hormones of your body is cortisol, which is otherwise known as the stress hormone. This is because the more stress you take, it will have an effect on the synthesis of cortisol. The high amount of stress ends up in the exaggerated production of cortisol in your body.

Once your body increases the assembly of cortisol, it does not provide enough attention to the synthesis of other hormones. Thus, due to the overproduction of cortisol in your body, the production rate of other endocrine hormones also get compromised. Such a hormonal malfunction causes telogen effluvium that results in excess hair fall.

How to offset hair loss issues?

Firstly, you would like to reduce the stress levels that you are taking before your wedding. Remedies won’t work if you continue to stress. Meditate, sleep properly, and find proper medical help if you think is important. Try bringing down your stress, if you wish to improve the health and growth of your hair.

  1. Follow a diet that includes a lot of protein-rich foods. From fish and chicken to multi-grains and pulses, elevate the amount of your daily protein intake.
  2. Avoid brushing your hair just after a bath or when it is wet. Allow your hair to dry before you use the brush. When you comb wet hair, you eventually end up with more hair fall or breaks than dry hair.
  3. Do not use a hair dryer with high heat output. It is always suggested that you use a towel on your wet hair and let it dry naturally. If your hair is dense enough which requires more time for air dry, you can go for a hairdryer. Remember to set the heating intensity of the dryer at the lowest setting.
  4. Go for green tea therapy. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants that help in reducing the loss of hair and improves your hair health. You can start the treatment by boiling two cups of green tea in a vessel. After cooling down the tea, gently apply it on your hair and scalp. Leave it for an hour and let it absorb into your hair completely. After an hour, thoroughly rinse it with water or a good shampoo.
  5. Massage your hair and scalp with oil. You can go for three of the most potential oils like amla, coconut and almond oil to ensure good hair health. Amla oil fights dandruff, moisturizes your hair and promotes good hair growth. Almond oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium and phospholipids.

All of these ingredients help in nourishing and strengthening your hair to prevent damaged hair and subsequent hair loss. Almond oil adds on to the shininess and silkiness of your hair. Coconut oil has mineral chain fatty acids, various important minerals, and vitamins. When you massage your scalp with coconut oil, it improves the blood circulation and thus supports good hair health.

Other home remedies to counter hair fall problems

  • Use a hair pack containing fenugreek. Fenugreek seeds can prove to be highly beneficial towards your hair growth. Soak some of the fenugreek seeds overnight to soften them. The next morning, grind the softened seeds into a paste and apply it on your scalp gently. Let the pack rest for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water.
  • Add on a lot of vitamins in your diet. You never know which vitamin can prove to be effective against your damaged hair or hair loss issues. Several vitamins have different types of benefits for your hair. Include food items in your diet containing a rich source of vitamin E, since it improves blood circulation. Thus, vitamin E helps in stimulating your hair follicles and improves their growth.
  • Use a mixture of lemon juice, coconut oil and onion juice on your hair. If you are suffering from problems associated with dandruff or split ends, try out this pack. Using the pack regularly will eliminate your chances of hair fall and improve hair growth instantly.

Other than using these home remedies for reducing hair fall, you need to say no to chemicals and other hair styling products. Hair colors and highlighting packs contain a lot of strong chemicals, which can potentially damage your hair and contribute to excessive hair loss.

Even if you smoothen or perform permanent straightening treatments on your hair, it will damage your hair eventually. Thus, before your wedding, properly nourish your hair and ensure its good health to have the right level of glamour on the special day.

Final thoughts

Maintaining hair quality is important to make sure you don’t go bald. Losing hair often leads to inferiority complex and messes up with your overall look. It is time you try out natural ways to maintain hair and promote re-growth. Do at least a 3-month hair treatment to see visible results before your big day.


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