What Does The Style Of Your Home Say About Your Personality

What Does The Style Of Your Home Say About Your Personality

Our home is the ultimate expression of your individuality and personality, if we take a look around it’s amazing what we will be able to tell about a person’s life and personality form how they set up their home. Let’s take a look at some of the features and items of the home that give us an idea of who we are and how we live our lives.

How Cluttered Is Your Home Space

Cluttered home space is not good, is it? Well, the traditional wisdom says so but maybe living in a pristine show home is not the best way to be. There are much more important thing to consider important to your life and not have it spent constantly cleaning and tidying up after you and others, it’s also been said that untidiness can reflect a more creative personality. This all being said I would recommend some level of cleanliness and when clutter becomes dirt I would say then there’s a problem, otherwise enjoy your life and embrace the clutter.

What Leisure & Hobby Items Are Around The Home

What leisure or hobby items adorn your home will say a huge deal about you! Is it full of arts and crafts supplies and are they out being used, drawing, painting, etc is a great way to explore your creative side and can be done just for you or with the whole family. You might be a sporty family with, balls, bikes and sporting equipment stored everywhere, that bike rack on the back of the car is a sure sign of this as well. You might simply be an entertainment based family with the TV and home entertainment system taking pride of place right in the middle of the living room or is there a huge music collection showing what your tastes are. Maybe you’re an intellectual, educated family and this will be apparent from the shelves and shelves of books all around the house. There are many types of personalities, and in the Internet era, you don’t have to wonder which type you fit in when you can just do a free personality test online and find out in minutes

What Art Work Or Pictures Are Displayed

What you display on the walls is a sure sign of your personality and what’s important to you, it’s important to express this in art on the walls and there are many different styles of wall decor ideas and inspiration you might draw on to come to your preferred look. You may be the person that isn’t so fussed on artwork and prefers a more down to earth selection of family pictures and drawings the kids have done. Whichever way you go on this make sure it’s yours and reflects what you want out of your home.

What Colors & Design Have You Employed

Color scheme choice can say a lot about a person and what their outlook on life is, there are various things you can say like whether a bold or dark color depicts an outgoing, passionate or excitable personality or does a soft or light color say you are more reserved, relaxed and easy going in life.


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