How to install a pedestal sink with floor plumbing

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Pedestal sink gives the more open look to your bathroom, as they are very stylish. Pedestal sink comes at many affordable prices. The pedestal sink contains two pieces one is standing, and the other is the sink. The plumbing of the pedestal sink fits inside the floor. While removing the old vanity for installing a new pedestal sink, it may need some attention means you have to relocate some of the water supply lines again. In this article, you will get to know about installing a pedestal sink if the water lines are coming through the floor instead of the wall. You should follow the following steps:

1-     Take off the old pedestal sink:

First of all, you have to go to the main to shut off the water. After shutting off the water, turn off the water heater or put it on the pilot if you have a gas heater. Open the faucet and start to drain the plumbing. Then you have to remove the old lavatory stops. It would help if you had to use all the news stops for a new pedestal sink. It is necessary to install a new chrome lavatory stop and also the escutcheon cover.

On the other hand, before installing the new stops, it may be wise to consider hiring drain plumbers to ensure the plumbing is installed correctly and functioning. This step can save you from potential headaches and costly repairs in the future.

2-     Removing the old escutcheon cover:

Take the two adjustable wrenches, and by using it, remove all the old supply remove the old escutcheon cover. After doing this, apply the Teflon tape on both stubs out. Then add a new escutcheon cover and thread the new supply stops and wrench to tighten it. Unscrew the last collar nut and put new p-type escutcheon cover over the drain hole.

3-    Mark centerline of the sink on floor and wall:

In the third step, you have to mark the sink’s centerline on the floor and the wall. You are accounting for the baseboard mark the 10 inches from the wall. The distance varies for each sink. After centering the sink to the drain hole, ensure that the sink will also be placed in the right position.

4-    Level the pedestal:

 One must level the pedestal carefully and adjust it tightly. You can also use the adhesive gaskets to place the bowl’s underside, which helps balance it more accurately.

5-    Drilling sink and pedestal hole:

Before drilling the hole, one must mark it with a pencil. First of all, draw the sinkhole on the wall and then the pedestal hole on the floor. After placing the sink and pedestal aside, carefully drill the hole on the bottom.

6-    Installing hanger bolts:

Take two hanger bolts and then install it on the wall. Put the distance of one inch extending from the wall. Take the lag bolt and t washer, secure the pedestal to the floor with the help of both of these things. Keep one thing in mind that ovoid overtightening the hanger bolts on the wall.

7-    Put sink bowl over the hanger bolts:

Now before setting the sink bowl, attach the drain and also the faucet with it. Now put the sink bowl over the hanger bolts and also carefully level it. After dropping it, secure it with a washer and even with the cap nuts. Keep one thing again in mind that not to overtighten the washer and cap nuts.

8-    Turn on the water supply:

As mentioned above, after all the procedures, reconnect the water supply and open the faucet at the new sink. Check if there is any leak or not. If you see some leaks, adjust it


In a nutshell, by following all the steps mentioned above, you can easily install the pedestal sink without any problem. Mounting the pedestal sink on the floor is the best choice as it gives stability to the sink. Or you can get help from plumber cary nc if you are facing plumbing related issues.


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