Best Ways to get Free Moving Boxes

Best Ways to get Free Moving Boxes

There is always that time in our lives when we have to make a big decision, and to do so, there are certain things that need to be in place. Relocating is a very big decision and would require the need of a moving company if you have lots of things to move or have a very large family, or just want to just want to change your environment. Whatever the case might be with you, you will need boxes to help you save on cost if you will be doing the packing yourself.

We understand how it can be painstaking to add moving boxes as part of the budget for your moving needs, especially when they cost so much. You can however avoid the extra cost to be spent on box purchase by sourcing for boxes from different places. We are going to be sharing with you how you can bag some free moving boxes to help you with your next moving plan. With this tricks and locations, you will be able to save a lot of money and divert them to something more meaningful.

Your Closest Contacts

The first place you should look at when you want to get free boxes should be from the people closest to you. Take a quick scan on your friends and family to know which of them are most likely to have these free boxes. If you are not sure, you can go to them individual and ask them to provide you with the boxes they are no longer using to help save on cost. There are many ways people get these boxes lying around, either from a delivery or a new item purchased, just place a call or send out texts to your friends, family and neighbors and you would be shocked at the level of response you would get. This should be your first big move in saving a lot of dollars on moving boxes.


As funny as it might seem, yes, stores are another great place to find moving boxes for free. All you need to do is to become friends with some of the store guys and have them neatly arrange the boxes for you while you go get them, or you arrange the boxes yourself and take them home. This is a big hack because you can get more than the amount of boxes you need if you can gather from as many stores as you can.


Craigslist is another place that you can find the boxes you need to use for your moving. If you are wondering how, here is how; when you get to the website, you can go to the free section where you would find out lots of items from locals that are being given out for free. Seize the opportunity and gather the free items as much as you can. You can get super lucky and have all your supply of boxes come from this website at no cost at all.

Retailers and Warehouses

If you are one of the people who have a large retail company in your area, this might be your lucky shot at a truck full of boxes. These retailers sure have a lot of boxes which you can help them reduce by using them for your moving. It would come to them as help and that you are trying to help them get rid of the boxes. It depends on how smart and how relational you can be, you can get all you need to move your properties from these large retailers.

Recycling stations

If you want the big fish itself, then you have to go to where it swims. You can get a lot of boxes for yourself and your friends from the recycling stations. The primary function of a recycling center is to recycle things to be used for another purpose, and if you go to the box section, you will find all you need for the entirety of your properties, all in different sizes and shapes. These are hacks that you will not get anywhere else and so you have to pay attention and use the knowledge very wisely. With all the above mentioned tips, you never have to pay for boxes again.


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