Compelling Reasons to Install A Glass Splashback In Your Kitchen

Compelling Reasons to Install A Glass Splashback In Your Kitchen

While life may be created in the bedroom, it is definitely lived in the kitchen. Those who love spending time in the kitchen, cooking delicious food for their loved ones believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. They say the kitchen is the hub of the home, be it small or large. It is the place where food is created – the place that feeds the mind, body and the soul.

Are you thinking about transforming your kitchen into something stunning and unique? If so then installing a kitchen glass splashback can spice up your cooking space.

Here are seven compelling reasons why a glass splashback for your kitchen is the best bet.

Easy to Install

Glass splashbacks are extremely easy to install using a secure bonding agent. They can be cut into any size and shape that you want. Installing a splashback does not require messing with the grout. No chipping or cutting is required to work your way around the pipes and sockets.

Available in a Plethora of Colours

You will be spoiled for choice as glass splashbacks are available in a plethora of colours. They can be crafted in different shades of different colours so that you get the exact colour you want and not some close approximation. Availability of glass splashbacks in different colours gives you the opportunity to choose the colour that compliments your kitchen or simply reflects your personal style.

You must know all the colour options available to choose the best for your kitchen.

Hygienic to Use

Keeping your kitchen clean is one of the most important kitchen etiquettes. Whether the kitchen is small or big, it must always be tidy because the bacteria, microbes and mildew tend to accumulate and breed in any corner. The tiniest cavities, the edges of the tiles offer many places for the microbes to steer clear.

Glass Splashbacks are extremely easy to clean and are very hygienic, unlike tiles that attract germs and dirt. So, choosing a glass splashback will give you and your family the assurance of 100% hygiene and safety.

Heat Resistant

Buying a splashback from a material other than glass in not recommended. Even the professionals at Profile Glass advise using toughened glass for a kitchen splashback. This is because there is a risk of damage and perhaps fire from the heat produced during cooking. Toughened glass is very strong, durable and has resistance to sudden temperature changes.

Wall Protector

One of the most important advantages of installing a kitchen splashback is that it acts as a wall protector. At times when your kitchen becomes messy, and the sauces get spilled, a glass splashback provides protection to the walls and keeps them from getting messy.


Though glass splashbacks cost an arm and a leg as compared to tiles, they are very durable. They can withstand bangs, scrapes, knocks, acidic juices, sharp knives and many other things used in the kitchen. They also require low maintenance as they can be cleaned easily. You will never need to re-tile as you have to in the case of tiles. So, when you compare the durability of splashbacks, they are the most cost-effective solution.

A Homely Feel

Not only do splashbacks give an additional style to your kitchen, but they also transform it into a fresh and warm space. You will feel relaxed and comfortable while enjoying the meal with your family after an exhausting day.


Enlisted above are a few reasons why glass splashbacks are gaining immense popularity among homeowners. They offer you a lot of perks than other materials. The best perks of all is that they are not just functional, but they also look aesthetically pleasing.


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