5 Tips to Using Interactive Dog Toys Outside with Your Dog

5 Tips to Using Interactive Dog Toys Outside with Your Dog

Dogs can be very good companions if taken care of in the right way. Apart from feeding your pup and making sure that it makes frequent visits to the vet, you should also ensure that it exercises and has fun with you so that you can develop a closer bond. Interactive dog toys are good not only for playing with your dog in the open but also for stimulating its brain, growing physically and keeping healthy. These toys are loved by every other dog irrespective of their breed. You can use a Dog Product Picker to decide the best toys for your particular breed. Even when you choose the toys, here are five tips for using these toys with your dog.

  1.    Take Safety Measures

Safety is paramount when using interactive dog toys. Make sure you use the right toy depending on the size and age of the dog. There are toys for specific breeds of dogs. What you use with your German shepherd is not the same toy you will use with your Rottweilers. Be careful of any toys that come apart to ensure that your dog is not cut or does not swallow some of the pieces by mistake.

  1.    Fun Hiding Games

Your pup needs to train its sense of smell and also improve its mental strength.  If you want this sense to improve, you can involve your dog in such games. This involves hiding stuff like the squeaky squirrel and having your little animal find it. The effort the dogs takes to find this squirrel help it boost its memory and sense of smell. It is an effective survival skill for your canine, especially when you let it out there.

  1.    Use Dog Food

Using dog food is another interactive way of keeping your pup engaged and having fun at the same moment. There are pup toys called treat hiding toys. With these toys, you take food such as peanut butter, kibble or even wet dog food and hide it inside the toy. The dog has to figure out how to open up the toy to get the treat or the food. Such games are very interesting since they help you canine develop its thinking capacity. In essence, you are making your pup smart and killing boredom at the same time. For best food that will be given to your dog, you can use this list for german shepherds.

  1.    Observe Your Pup

When you are not playing with your dog, make sure you keep an eye on him or her. Puppies can be extra playful and can expose themselves to risks if not kept under watch. So, much as you might live your dog with toys to play alone when you are a bit busy, always keep a close eye to ensure they don’t hurt themselves.

  1.    Using Balls

While out there on an open field, you can use a ball and dog biscuits to train your dog how to collect and bring objects to you. You throw a ball a particular distance and have the dog retrieve it and bring it to you. Every time it does that successfully you reward it with a biscuit.


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