Why Does Learning Matter More Than Education?

Why Does Learning Matter More Than Education?

One should not judge a fish on whether it is able to climb a tree or not. This quote is amazingly put by the great Albert Einstein. Education is a mere tool to prepare one for the future, but learning prepares you for life. A child’s education begins at school and ends someday at the graduation or post-graduation or while getting thesis help for a PhD. But learning begins in the cradle and ends in the grave. Right from holding a finger to letting things go, everything minute in life has something to teach, if you are willing to learn. In simple words, education is that two and two make four, but learning is on how you can spend two to make another two. So, learning really matters.

              • The Difference

Education makes you reach a particular place in life, but learning helps you live life. Education teaches you about biology and sex, but learning teaches you heartbreaks and sadness. We learn English lessons in school, but actual lessons of life are learned while living the life itself. Biology never teaches heartbreaks or love but learning takes the due course, and life teaches all the wonderful feeling. Education is like imagination whereas learning is actually living the imagination.

Children should be taught learning right before their education starts. Basic manners of eating, respecting, reading, are learned by them through actions. Their habits are what will determine what type of person will they turn out to be. The bottom line is learning is more important than education. An uneducated person can be a learned person, but it’s not necessary that an educated person is a learned person.

So, it is very important that a child should be taught to learn from a tender age. It is said that a child’s brain is like wet sand; you can shape it and feed it with all the good things. So, start their learning process right from the start. And the most important thing in the learning process is to teach them how to learn rather than what to learn.


Educational basics are taught in a different manner. They comprise of basic functionalities alphabets, numbers, colors etc. Learning basics are the one which teaches how to survive day to day. Be it holding a spoon, chewing food, or washing hands, these comprise of learning basics. The basics of education can be taught, but the basics of learning are inculcated through implementation.


The methods implied in teaching education and learning are also of utmost importance. The simple method is if they do not learn the way you teach, teach the way they learn. By implementing this, learning becomes a really easy process. Once a child is learned, educating him becomes easier. Another method of implementing learning is setting an example. If you do something, eye-catching everybody tends to follow it, especially children. If you are on the phone the child immediately follows, well try getting glued to a book and see the results. You will have a young reader in the house!

Importance and Examples

The difference between learning and education can be seen on a daily basis. What is the use of learning one plus one if you do not learn to save that one and one? Learning should be given utmost importance at every stage of life. The most important thing learning teaches is to identify the right people.

Education does not teach you to keep or betray friends, but learning life lessons teach you almost everything. But that doesn’t at all mean that education should be completely ignored. Everything has its importance and time takes exam wherein both your education and learning will be put to the test.

One more simple example of education and learning is that when you get your first job, it is on the basis of your education, but your career growth is determined by your learning capacity. So, everything has its own course and timing, and everything has its own pros and cons. Learning has a con that bad habits are learned quite easily and they are hard to change.

Learning good things is also a task but once learned the entire life is set. Learning is a process that completely depends on the individual to individual on how they want to inculcate the habits, do they learn from their mistakes or do the lessons life teaches has any impact on them? Education, on the other hand, can be a bit forced to make the individual get the desired results.

So, think about the difference in learning and education and do try to give learning ‘good things’ more importance while also gaining an education. If I am to suggest personally, I had many time asked experts to write my paper online, so as my journey of education goes smooth while I can focus more and more on learning the good things in life!


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