Tips for Purchasing a Canvas Duffle Bag

Tips for Purchasing a Canvas Duffle Bag

A canvas duffle bag is one of the most versatile and useful bags to own. Some of them, especially those with special name brands or famous people attached to them, can be quite costly. But, that is not entirely necessary. It is possible to find a canvas duffle bag like those ones without paying the high price associated with them.

Some duffle bags are quite elaborate with pockets to hold anything you might want to carry. They are made with heavy duty canvas to withstand lots of hard use. Of course, these will cost more than others, but if that is what you need, they will be well worth the cost.

Tips for Purchasing a Canvas Duffle Bag

Not all bags are as sturdy as others. They have a lighter usage so don’t have to be as sturdy. A lightweight bag is preferable for carrying large loads where the bag won’t be subjected to rough usage. These bags are of course cheaper than the sturdier ones but are usually suitable for how they are used.

These bags come in a variety of colors and styles to suit just about anyone. Some are canvas trimmed in leather, for a more formal look. Colors include those that are more sophisticated as well as fun-loving colors. Some are trimmed with buckles and snaps for both looks and function.

Tips for Purchasing a Canvas Duffle Bag

Many canvas duffle bags are made for ease in transporting. They have rollers and handles for strolling through airports.  This makes them easy to get from cabs or cars in the city to enable ease in carrying a heavy load to the office.

Bags with shoulder straps make it easy to carry a large load and leave the hands free for carrying other necessary items. It is easy to sling the bag behind you, out of the way, when carried by a shoulder strap.

Duffle bags are especially suited to carrying a large amount of stuff as they open from side to side in the center compartment, allowing a lot of things to be stuffed in there. Additional pockets on the sides make it easy to stuff smaller items inside, especially nice for items that will be needed before unpacking, such as boarding passes, razors for a quick shave, toothbrush, and such small items.

Tips for Purchasing a Canvas Duffle Bag

Though there are a few disadvantages to using a duffle bag, they are few and easily worked around. One such disadvantage is when you need something out of the center compartment. You have to dig through everything to find what you are looking for, making packing needed again. One way to overcome this is to pack something near the top that you might need before getting to your location.

Another disadvantage that may be considered an advantage in some cases is the many zippers, pockets, straps, and decorative additions. Lots of pockets may hinder you access by requiring you to search through them, but are essential if you have many small items you want to keep handy. A close look at the pluses and careful consideration for what you may need to make a wise choice easier here.


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