5 Decor Changes to Make Your Bedroom Aesthetically Pleasing

5 Decor Changes to Make Your Bedroom Aesthetically Pleasing

Bedrooms are a lot of fun to decorate. A big part of why this is so is because unlike decorating more communal spaces around the house, you normally don’t have that hypothetical home critic or visitor judging you while you’re having trouble deciding over whether to put an accent wall or leave the whole thing alone in order to make—and leave—a good impression.

Unfortunately, as a result, you’re also plagued with thousands of great ideas. Fairy lights, a giant wall tapestry, a DIY wine-bottle chandelier—it’s endless. Without expert guidance, how do you know which ones will work? Sometimes, the Pinterest pins can get too overwhelming that you end up not knowing where to begin in the first place.

What you need is a refresher. What looks nice on somebody else’s wall does not always translate well in your own turf. And to really own it, you need to strut your own style. So how do you redo a bedroom so it looks great? Read on for some amazingly simple tips about Bedroom Ideas.

  • Change the Paint and Choose a Palette

If you’re looking for one easy trick to make as many changes without doing a major overhaul, simply change your room’s paint color. And while you’re at it, be sure to get new paint that sticks to a color theme.

By sticking to one color palette, your room will look more organized and put together. It will also save you the stress and effort while shopping for decorative items to put in your room.

If you already have a theme or color scheme in mind, it’s easy to keep an eye on decor that will be consistent with what you’ve chosen. You can add random pops of color around the room or use a centerpiece that will draw the whole room together into a singular piece.

  • Hang Some Wall Art

Tired of those three-year-old posters on your bedroom wall? Want to don something stylish but also easy to install?

Consider wall tapestries.

These things are fantastic because they’re relatively cheap, can be hung at any desired angle, and easily make a bold statement. If you get tired of one design, you can just get another. And there are plenty of design choices and options online and in your local home depot. You can even get custom-designed wall tapestries!

Prices range from as little as thirteen dollars to as much as thirty dollars if you’re on a budget. Of course, there are always high-end equivalents.

If tapestries are out of the question, put your own works up! If you have finesse for painting, drawing, or any artistic effort, having your creations displayed on your own walls lends your space a unique character. Additionally, your art will make for a good conversation piece whenever you invite somebody worthy into your cave.

  • Manipulate the Lighting

You’ll be surprised how a little more or less light can change the whole ambiance of a room. If you want to let more light in and use natural light to make your room appear brighter, use sheer fabric or any curtain material that is light and easy to manipulate.

If, for some reason, you want to retain a certain air of warmth in your personal space by adding in a layer of shade, use drapes, heavy fabrics, or blinds, and complement it with some stylish indoor lights like suspended lanterns or light bulbs.

You can also try replacing your lamps with some string lights. Another option would be to add a bit of a surprise factor by installing some beach or coastal lighting or any off-theme lamp piece to lend the place some character.

  • Keep It Tidy

There’s no better way to instantly freshen up your personal space than to keep it clean. Even if you only have minimal decorations displayed, if they are always placed accordingly and are kept respectable, you don’t have to go to extra lengths to make the place look pretty.

A well-kept room is not only beautiful to look at but also a pleasant and rewarding thing to do. Making your bed in the morning helps you feel accomplished and ready to tackle the bigger challenges of the day.

Coming home every day to a made bed is also one of the small pleasures of life. Additionally, living in a tidy space has positive psychological effects—it boosts your mood, clears your thoughts, and helps you tackle depression.

So include it in your weekly schedule to tidy up your room and take out the trash. Make it a point to discipline yourself, and leave things where they should be after you use them. This kind of proactive cleaning process helps keep your space clean longer and also urge you to build the habit.

  • Add Some Greens

Plants work magic in transforming any room into a chic space. More importantly, they help clean the air you breathe.

Indoor air pollution may seem tame, but when left unchecked, it can cause diseases to the members of the family.

Bringing in some greens not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also filters the air, removing toxins that can potentially harm the health of the inhabitants of the home.

This post from Good Housekeeping features thirty houseplants that easily thrive with little need for constant attention.

  • Conclusion

As you can see, transforming your personal space does not take a bank raid. All you need is a little inspiration and creativity to look at your space with a new perspective and make magic with what’s easily available.

While these tips may seem simple on the outset, they can make great, surprising changes once realized.


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