Tips For Tarot Card Beginner

Tips For Tarot Card Beginner

Tarot reading is an art and science. It requires an understanding of the meaning of the images on the cards so as to interpret them in the right manner. If you want to learn tarot but do not know where to start from, here are a few tips to make the tarot learning process easier and simpler.

Simplicity is the key

Do not complicate the process of learning. You might get lost in the complex system which makes up tarot but you if you make an attempt to learn all the systems in one go, you will become overwhelmed in no time. Keep it simple and stick to the basic spreads which have simple meanings and simple techniques. You will slowly gain confidence and will learn to read the cards.

Build a connection with tarot

Never try to memorize the meaning of the cards. It will not help you in any manner. You will not only forget the meanings but there will be no personal connection with the card. Instead, start by building a strong personal connection with the cards and see how your intuitive insights respond to it. You need to look for personal examples of Tarot cards in your everyday life and make it as personal as you can.

Choose a 1-3 card spread

Every tarot reader will make an attempt to learn from the best spread but it is not the perfect place to start as a beginner. This is why you need to choose a simple 1-3 card spread and you will be surprised at how much insight you get from the reading.

Pick one card every day

As a beginner, you will only be able to learn the meaning of all the cards by going slow. Draw a card every single day and ask yourself what do you need to focus on. What you might experience today? By the end of the day, all you need to do is match up with everything that has happened in the day with the card you drew. Your personal experience will help you grow.

Interpret the picture in the card

The best way to understand what tarot means is to look at the picture and interpret it. You need to take a good look at the picture and see what is happening and why it is happening. Now relate it back to what you are experiencing. This will help you understand the meaning of the cards without having to memorize them. You can go with what you see in the picture each time. It is hard to memorize the entire module at a go, this is why you need to pick one card and interpret the picture.

Trust your intuition

You might have heard this in the past as well. A lot of beginners tend to struggle with knowing when to tune their intuition. What you need to do is put away the books and accept the energy of the cards that are lying in front of you. Even if you do not connect with the meaning of the card and with what the books say, it is fine. You only need to connect with the intuition and it will be more powerful than memorizing the tarot card meanings list.

Read for yourself

If you are learning tarot, a good place to start is by reading for yourself. Tarot will help in self-discovery and it is a good idea to start out with yourself. You need to take out time every day and do a reading for yourself. This will help you learn a lot about tarot and will also help you learn more about yourself.

Interpret a few keywords daily

Never rush the process of learning tarot. You cannot memorize everything overnight and even if you try to, it will only become worse. You need to make the entire process of learning enjoyable and simple. Take it slow and begin by learning a few keywords for each card. Now, take a paper and write about it. This will make the learning process easier.

Keep these tips in mind when you begin to learn tarot. You need to understand that this process will take time and you cannot become a master overnight. Take it slow and allow yourself to enjoy the process thoroughly. You are not preparing for an exam. Understand and interpret the cards slowly and in the right manner. If you try to do everything all at once, you will fail and it will discourage you.


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