The top 6 reasons you should learn to Sports Massage

The top 6 reasons you should learn to Sports Massage

If you are considering a change in career path and you enjoy the thought of helping people, then sports massage therapy may be a fulfilling career choice for you. There are so many reasons why the demand for professional massage therapists is growing, which includes the general rapidly increasing stresses of daily living. You can obtain certificates and even diplomas from accredited institutions such as Dave Taylor to begin an exciting career in this field. However, if you are considering learning to massage but have not yet made a decision, here are the top 6 reasons you should opt for a career as a sports massage therapist.

#1 Versatile workplace

Many individuals find themselves unhappy with their jobs due to unpleasant working environments such as cramped office spaces. If you are a licensed sports massage therapist, you will benefit from the bliss of a peaceful and serene working environment such as spas, hotels, and even crew ships. This career offers individuals a variety of versatile workplaces, which is great. If you are an individual that seeks adventure and want to travel, you can opt for a job as a massage therapist on a crew ship, while if a serene and peaceful work environment is what you are after, then a job at a spa will be ideal. Additionally, you can also opt to work with athletes and work at a sports organization.

#2 Assist others with pain relief

Message therapists are in the business of helping others and if you are an empathetic individual that would like a career aimed at helping those in need, then massage therapy is for you. Your clients will generally be individuals that are seeking pain relief, whether they are recovering from a certain ailment or they are injured, your hands will essentially be improving the quality of life for individuals seeking pain relief. It is a common misconception that massage therapists can only encourage relaxation because, in reality, a skilled massage therapist can promote healing for a wide variety of ailments.

#3 Promote relaxation and stress relief

This is most likely the main reason individuals seek massage therapists. Due to a large number of people who are struggling with everyday stresses and anxiety, the business of massage professionals is booming. As a result, you will be enhancing the quality of life for many people who battle with stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation.

#4 Helping individuals with sports-related injuries

Many athletes experience sports-related injuries and will require assistance from a professional sports massage therapist because a certain part of sports medicine incorporates massage therapy. For this reason, you will be assisting individuals with torn a variety of injuries from torn muscles to muscle cramps and everything in between and help these individuals to rehabilitate after a sports-related injury. If you would like to work with big sports corporations such as the NFL, WWE, and NBA you will need certification in sports therapy and massage therapy to land this type of high paying job.

#5 You will be financially stable

Because massage therapy will most likely always be a high in demand job as there will always be a large number of people who need or simply want a relaxing and healing massage for various reasons, you will find yourself financially stable in this career. When taking into account that the practice of massage can be dated back hundreds of years ago and that most civilizations perform this practice, massage therapists are unlikely to ever be without a job.

#6 It can be a great business opportunity

Once you are a certified massage therapist, you do not have to opt for a regular 9-5 job as you can consider opening your own practice. You could either opt for starting small and renting a small office space or shop to build up a significant client base, or you could even offer clients massages from the comfort of their own homes and avoid having to start off by renting a space. There are so many options available for massage therapists to make a stable income, which proves that it is a fantastic career option.

Is sports massage therapy a growing industry?

According to the Burea of Labour Statistics, the sports massage therapy industry is predicted to grow at an astonishing rate of 22%, which is much larger than the majority of other occupations. This means that opting for a career in this field will definitely not be one you will regret as the field will always have numerous employment opportunities.


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