5 Hints To Get The Most Out Of A Yacht Charter

5 Hints To Get The Most Out Of A Yacht Charter

For many, the ideal holiday is one where exploration is part of the entire experience. A holiday where the only limit is the horizon and your time is your own to take in the sights, sounds, natural beauty and cultures of the region that you are visiting. In short, a sense that the possibilities are endless and that the only limits lie over the horizon. It is for these reasons – and many others that yacht charters are growing in popularity. For may the idea of chartering a yacht seems to reside in the realms of fantasy – after all aren’t yacht charters the reserve of the mega-wealthy? the truth of the matter is that there is so much choice when it comes to chartering a yacht that many are surprised that it can actually provide exceptional value – taking into account the experience that you, your family or friends will be enjoying.

However, prior to reserving your charter, there are a few things that you should take into consideration as in making sure the boat detailing, cleaning and maintenance are up to par.

The first is to think very carefully about what sort of vessel would suit the needs of you and your party. The right choice is essential you do not want to land up with a vessel that is too small – it will simply ruin the experience if the yacht is overcrowded. Of course, the larger the vessel the higher the cost. The type of vessel will also dictate what sort of extras it can carry such as scuba diving equipment or motorized water sports equipment. In general, there are four types of vessels that are available for charter. These 100 foot plus yachts are the ultra-luxury yacht choice of the mega-wealthy. The motor yacht – this is among the more popular choices. It offers exceptional value for money and is able to sail into smaller bays and coves for a more intimate experience and getting to know those secret spots. The catamaran offers exceptional amounts of space and the twin hull design also makes it more stable than monohulls – keeping those prone to seas sickness happy. Lastly, there is the sailing yacht which relies only on the power supplied b the wind – this makes the trip slower – but provides a sense of calm and relaxation that motorized yachts simply cannot match.

Second, on the list of considerations is your destination. The increased popularity of the yachting lifestyle has seemed more waters open up than ever before. Take care to factor in air travel expenses and especially the season. Each destination will have a high season when the weather is ideal for yachting – choose unwisely and your vacation could be much less enjoyable than you had anticipated. 

Although one of the wonders of a yachting type vacation is that you are free to wander at will there is still the need to develop some sort of itinerary. Remember a yachting vacation does not mean that you will be spending every moment on board. If there are specific onshore attractions you wish to see then its best to plan ahead so that you can make the most of your time both on and off the water.

It’s true that whatever type of vacation you take one of the most enjoyable parts of it should be exploring some great cuisine. A yachting charter should be no different. if you charter a yacht that has a personal chef – highly recommended, then make sure to inform your charter broker of any preferences as far as meals are concerned. Of course, the availability of fresh produce at some of the anchorages also encourages a little experimentation – fresh seafood is especially attractive.

Lastly, think carefully when packing. You are going to need the obligatory swimsuit, shorts, and sandals – but remember there may be stops where you are going out to dinner, formal wear is not required – but slacks and light cotton dresses may be the order of the day at some dining establishments and even to meet the laws of the country that you are visiting. Also, along with the sunscreen pack a hat.

For your next vacation consider a breakaway that allows you to explore and live a dream – consider a yacht charter in mexican riviera. It is the stuff that dreams are made of.


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