5 Benefits of Owning a Designer Dog

5 Benefits of Owning a Designer Dog

If you are just a moderate fan of dogs, I doubt that you’ve never heard of designer dogs. These breeds’ popularity is increasing by the day!

Clarification: designer dogs have intentionally crossbred canines, hailing from two entirely different purebred breeds. Originally, they were bred to give people with allergies non-shedding companions (like the Poodle), that are not…well, Poodles. Such is the Labradoodle, a mix between a Labrador and a Poodle.

But just like everything new and unusual, designer breeding is also frowned upon by some, in fact, the controversy around designer dog breeds is getting a lot larger, as these hybrid puppies become more popular.

1. They suit your everyday life better

With more and more people moving into the city to live in small apartments, so increases the demand for dogs that can adapt to apartment life. You might just be someone like this, enjoying the perks of urban life, but on the downside, you have to deny a loving canine companion from yourself, right? Absolutely no!

Most hybrid breeds are small, have a calm temperament, hardly bark, don’t shed and don’t have an extreme need for exercise.

2. There’s a wide variety of designer dog breeds

When I said “most hybrid breeds” earlier, you’re right to ask “Most? How many hybrid breeds are out there?”. Well, my friend, nobody could tell you exactly, as new breeds keep popping up all the time, but as of right now, there are at least 200 designer dog breeds out there.

There’s one problem though. Due to all the controversy going on about these breeds, they might not all be accessible for you, depending on where you live. My tip? You could start looking for a place online, where you can get in touch with responsible and reliable breeders.

3. A combination of the best

As you can imagine, hybrid dog breeds possess some of the best attributes of their bloodline. This appears not just in their personality, but also in their health.

Purebred canines are each prone to some hereditary health issues, that have been passed down through many generations. Funny enough, the same thing we call pure breeding of dogs, is called inbreeding for humans, food for thought… However, hybrid dog breeds rarely or not at all inherit these genetic defects, thus becoming a much healthier breed. (Ambien)

4.The Hybrid Vigor

Designer dog breeds are not just genetically healthier, but they possess additional strength and vitality, due to the fact that they are a mix of two purebred breeds.

It’s yet debatable, but hybrid vigor only applies if the puppy is a first generation offspring, so second generation designer puppies (puppies of designer dogs) don’t have this attribute.

5. You can make your own choices

What sets apart designer dog breeds from mixed breeds mainly is, that while when designer breeding you know exactly what you’re going to get, with mixed breeds it’s always a gamble.

That said, designer puppies come at a higher price, but in exchange, you can get any sort of unique breed that suits your lifestyle and environment perfectly. Having the opportunity to make such a choice and having to compromise is quite a boon. If you can plan ahead and find the right breeder, you might as well create your own designer dog.


I might seem biased towards designer dogs, but don’t worry, purebreds have their many advantages as well. However, hybrid breeds clearly prevail in some regards, such as health, vitality and the owners’ freedom of choice.

Credits to: Fidosavvy


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