Why Making Your Own is the Best Way to Express Your Fashion Sense

Why Making Your Own is the Best Way to Express Your Fashion Sense

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Even the most fashion-mad fashionistas probably get the vast majority – if not all – of their clothes from stores. They may have bought from small designer boutiques and even had clothes made to measure, but they have probably not spent a happy afternoon rooting through a haberdashery for just the right shade and type of fabric.

Making your own clothes might take some practice but it is a pursuit well worth your time. You don’t need to have any fancy equipment to get started but over time you might find that a little more investment will really make an impact.

Start with the Basics

If you have never made something to wear before, you should definitely choose a simple project, to begin with. For example, designing a logo or print for a t-shirt is a nice way to start expressing your taste and ideas. You can get custom t-shirts with no minimums online so you don’t even need to worry about having to buy 50 in order to wear one!

Another good place to start is the homemade woolies. Knitting comes with a few basic stitches that you will master in a few hours. Once you’ve got the yarn and the needles under your control, watching TV will never be the same again. Scarves are good, to begin with, and as your confidence grows, you can follow a huge range of patterns to create jumpers, gloves and even dresses.

This video will give you an idea:

Master Your skills

Now that you can see the value in creating your own, you might like to start sewing. Patterns are pretty easy to find and if you have a good haberdashery nearby, they will certainly help you find appropriate fabric. There are lots of patterns to choose from but it’s worth going for a plain fabric to start with to avoid any stressful pattern matching!

The most basic patterns to start with are usually things like tops and skirts. As you start to build up your confidence, you can move on to other patterns too and really start filling up your wardrobe. Just remember to read every pattern all the way through before you begin – it sounds obvious now but we’ve all chopped a vital strip of fabric in our time!

Take Your Creativity Up a Notch

As you move through different patterns and fabrics, you will find that your instinct for clothes construction becomes clearer. This is a great place to be because it means that you can look at old or second-hand steals with new eyes. When you know that you can alter clothes, take in items that are too big or even make something new from old scraps, it brings a whole new dimension to your shopping experience.

The more you understand about the construction of your clothes, the easier it is to create fashion that fits perfectly and looks amazing. Say goodbye to off the rail fashion, you’re about to take everything bespoke.


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