Why It’s Worthwhile Learning How to Play an Instrument

Why It's Worthwhile Learning How to Play an Instrument

If you learn to play a musical instrument, you will notice benefits in so many different areas of your life and abilities that you most likely thought you never would!

Learning to play an instrument lends itself to giving the body many physical, mental, social, and just good things all around! In this article, we’ll take a look at just a few of these.

Physical Benefits: There have been many scientific studies conducted over the years proving that children who start playing musical instruments from a young age have shown long-term positive effects, such as stronger comprehension skills in comprehension and reasoning, even more so strengthened from music than learning disciplines which require it, such as computing. However, leaning to play a musical instrument will give benefits to adults as well, not only children. It has been proven to reduce stress, increase creativity, reduce anxiety, and overall happiness in general.

The Brain: Playing any musical instrument is like a workout for the brain, it requires a huge amount of reading, interpretation, and action all to take place in a very short space of time for the music to sound correct. Not only this, but studies show that playing musical instruments release a number of different things in the brain such as CREB and BDNF. These are brain constructing elements and will help the brain to be not only more intelligent but to perform general activities much better.

Studying ability – some findings have suggested that learning a musical instrument will help your ability to study, no matter what the subject. Playing music uses a number of different parts of the brain from both sides at the same time, in other words, it gets your brain used to using both sides and more parts of it all at once – an ability which will be nothing but beneficial when studying anything! Read more about how your brain interacts with music through the following site:

Social: Music is a great social fuel. Not only can music help a person through a difficult time with family, work, and relationships, but actually learning music can train your mind to think in a unique way. When learning to play an instrument, your brain undergoes similar to training that endured when learning speech skills, which are essential for a healthy relationship.

Emotional: Music can trigger so many different emotions in so many different people, whether that be relating a song to a sad or happy time that we had, or it’s our first time hearing it and it strikes an emotional chord with our brain. Physically playing music can have some amazing effects on our brains. It enhances our basic skills such as patience, and discipline, which are great strong skills that can be used to enhance almost any area of your life.

Most importantly, playing music makes you happy. It is one of the best means of self-expression available to humans, and the sense of making the sounds that your brain are via a musical instrument is a feeling that cannot be matched by anything else in the world.


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