What Happens When You Mix CBD With Caffeine?

What Happens When You Mix CBD With Caffeine?

CBD (cannabidiol) has become a commonly known and highly sought product in the past few years. This is especially true since the legalization of the product in many US states. The compound that comes from cannabis has become so ragingly popular that we suddenly see it in edibles, creams, oils, and other products. But the latest trend is CBD coffee.

Many brands now sell their coffees infused with the CBD. You can buy it at most natural markets where the substance is legal, or you can order it online. Even singer Willie Nelson has launched his CBD Whole Bean Coffee Remedy. Some coffee shops will drop CBD in your brew for a few extra bucks. But the question that’s on a lot of people’s minds is, “What happens when you mix CBD with caffeine?” Let’s take a closer look.

Caffeine without the jitters

One of the effects of adding CBD to coffee most commonly talked about is the fact that you can get the alertness of caffeine while taking the edge off. In other words, if espresso gives you the jitters, adding CBD might curb that. And on the flipside, if CBD makes you groggy, adding it to coffee might help keep you awake. So, if you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up, but also need to manage your stress, this might be just the combination you need. Consider buying a bottle of CBD oil before your next coffee subscription shipment.

Accelerated fat loss

It’s long been known that coffee can help with fat loss and disease prevention. Experts believe this is primarily because it helps with both mood elevation and the reduction of appetite. But what recent studies have shown is that the effect might be accelerated with the addition of CBD. CBD has been found to affect the same biological pathways. And scientists observed “a significant enrichment of metabolite members of five pathways.” The entire study revealed that CBD may be exerting the health effects of caffeine.

Alleviated symptoms

Both CBD and coffee are rich in natural antioxidants. These help with pain, eyesight, inflammation, swelling, and aging. And they’re also known to help fight certain types of cancer.

But aside from the antioxidant benefit, there are also various properties in both that fight a huge number of disease symptoms. These might include seizures, depression, bowel issues, and diabetic complications.

Varied results

It’s important to note that not everyone will respond to the CBD coffee combination the same way. High doses of CBD may cause a completely sedating effect for one person, even with the coffee. But it might have very little effect at all on someone else.

People’s tolerance levels for both caffeine and CBD vary greatly. This can be caused by metabolic factors or simply a built-up tolerance to the products. For example, if someone drinks a pot of coffee a day, one cup will probably not provide the alertness it would for someone who rarely drinks it. For them, the CBD might be the only substance in the drink they notice.  

Most people find that experimenting with the amounts of both coffee and CBD, in the beginning, helps determine what works for them. And keep in mind that cbdistillery dosage might be different from the dose you get at your local coffee shop. Also, remember that brews like espresso will yield very different results from weaker brews. And the effects of CBD might be weakened when mixing with a heated beverage. So, even if you’re used to consuming large amounts of CBD, you may experience different results when adding it to coffee.


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