Hair Extension Care: Tips For Maintaining Shiny, Voluminous Hairs!

Hair Extension Care: Tips For Maintaining Shiny, Voluminous Hairs!

Longer, voluminous, luscious hairs are every girl’s dream. You have watched Disney movies with Princesses tumbling down the castles, having great, long hairs. 

And, then there’s a reality in which flawless, shiny, flowing locks are far from reality. But, how do celebrities have beautiful, long hairs?

That’s the magic of hair extensions!

Whether you want to feel fuller on the head, want to add more length to your hairs, or you have gone full chop and want to cover it, incorporating hair extensions is what you need.

Clip-in extension or tape-in extension, no matter what type of extensions you have, hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your limp or short hairs.

How Are These Extensions Made?

Hair extensions are made from both synthetic and natural human hairs and are available in different style, length, and color.  Wavy, colored, straight or curly, simply pick the extension that matches your hair and attach it.  But, the carelessness of these extensions can damage your original hairs and can make them look frizzy and broken.

So, if you want your dream hairs, and love how an extension fulfill your dream, the extended-care routine should be in your region. Here’s how you can do that:

Brush Thoroughly:

When you regularly brush or comb your original hairs, then why not the extensions? Pick a soft bristle brush or the pro-Looper brush to detangle the hairs of the extension. If you are wearing them, start from the ends and move upwards to remove tangles.

Doing this will prevent hairs from getting damaged. Make sure you are holding the hairs underneath the pony or clips to prevent pulling while brushing.  Be gentle with hairs as the broken hairs will look dull, frizzy and dingy, which will see trash soon.

Prevent Them From Tangling:

Often hair extensions are made from high quality, chemical-free hairs and make the best human virgin remy hair and will also tangle, which is normal. Tangles are the result of the friction of your normal hairs which rub against hair extension.

So, prevent them from tangling and keep them shiny and healthy. Don’t swim, shower or sleep with extensions in the hair. Doing this will mix all hairs and will create knots, making them frizzy.

Wash Your Extension:

Unlike natural hairs, extensions don’t get dirty, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them. Wash them once in a month to ensure they look healthy and shiny. Brush them before moving into the washing phase.

Shampoo and condition followed by wide tooth combing. Just be super-gentle and soft when combing and washing.

The Drying Process:

Don’t blow dryer hairs or use any heat to dry your extensions. Instead, let them dry naturally, hang them carefully and let the air dry it. Moreover, if you are blow drying, keep the heat on low-heat setting mode and keep the dryer at some distance.

Start by drying the bonds first, and they move to the rest of the hair. Just make sure not to apply high heat as this can damage hairs and can make your bonds look sticky and damaged.

Keep Them With Care When Not Using:

While the process of washing, conditioning, drying, and brushing will ensure hair extension’s longevity, keeping them with care is another most important thing that you can’t overlook. Keep the clean extension in an airtight bag or container and ensure you pick a good size to make them fit perfectly.

If you think that plastic bags will also do the job, you are wrong! Putting extension in plastic bags will make them tangled, discolored and dirty, and these hairs will not be of any use.

Don’t Use Any Chemical Or DIY On Extension:

Applying the DIYs and chemical can damage your hairs. Whether it’s the home-made avocado pack that you are using for shiny hairs, or you are planning to apply egg mask, they will only damage the extension. In fact, doing this can lead to the hair cutting, and you might end up throwing them in the bin. 

Of course, you can do minor trims, but make sure you seek professional help for that too. If you are experiencing excessive shedding, get your locks checked.

Since every other person has its own hair color and texture, so choose the extension that compliments your hair. Follow the healthy hair care routine and get preserve hair extensions for the long run!


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