What is the Best Type of Coffee to Use in My Coffee Machine?

What is the Best Type of Coffee to Use in My Coffee Machine?

Coffee is a beloved drink by many people from all walks of life. Methods of extracting the caffeinated goodness are as varied as the drinkers themselves. Cafes remain popular all around the globe, and people enjoy the atmosphere and quality that a big coffee machine provides. A growing number of people are discovering an alternative to lining up at your local hot spot for the fix. Coffee machines have come in leaps and bound in the last decade and it’s possible to own a serious piece of gear that will fit on your kitchen bench. Breville Coffee Machines have been the favored choice by enthusiasts chasing café quality in their own home. Just as important as the machine is the beans you feed your machine, a quality bean equals a quality cup of coffee. Here are some blends that are perfect for your coffee machine.


A staple in the coffee machine world, Kenyan coffee is often considered the best bean for home machines. With a medium rounded body and intoxicatingly intense cocoa aroma, Kenyan coffee offers that classic coffee experience. A medium clean acidity gives this blend flexibility and its dark mix of blueberry and chocolate flavor is a winner amongst coffee fans. Kenyan coffee is also noted for its strength, a key factor in its widespread popularity,


Another medium body blend with some real potency. Columbian coffee has a delicious aroma of baker’s cocoa. A dark berry acidity gives this blend an intense fruity chocolatey flavor. Columbia’s rich coffee history is fascinating, after a devastating loss of crops in 2010, Columbia’s coffee industry has staged a monumental come back. Very good news for lovers of the dark and powerful blend.


Nuanced, bright and with the aroma of toasted nuts, this blend is unique as it is delicious. With a juicy berry acidity and a long, sticky caramelized sugar and peanut finish, this blend is one that must be experienced to fully appreciate. You will want a machine that can extract the character from such a complex blend, the Oracle by Breville will help you on your way to coffee heaven.


A lighter blend that doesn’t pack quite as much kick, drinkers can appreciate a medium round body with a smooth, rich finish. With a fantastic and exotic aroma of jasmine, frangipani, and oak, this left of field blend offers a black tea like taste with notes of honey. You don’t need to drink the darkest and strongest all the time, blends like these are a fantastic way to expand your coffee repertoire.

Luxe, by Just Fresh Roasted

This indulgent blend has an aroma of nuts, freshly picked berries, and cocoa. A controlled and balanced flavor combined with a rich Swiss chocolate and toffee taste, this blend is sure to impress even the most jaded coffee critic. The Luxe is a blend of various African Coffee beans, hand-picked to create a rich, smooth and creamy cup. Just Fresh Roasted claim that this blend has taken over a decade to craft and perfect, and it’s now available for you to enjoy in your own home.

The range of flavors available is simply mind-blowing.  For the curious and adventurous, artisan blends can transport you into another world as aromas of fresh coffee permeate your home. For those who want a no-nonsense hit, modern coffee machines will let you quickly brew the perfect cup every time. Finding your favorite blend can be a satisfying and fascinating journey as you immerse yourself in a rich history steeped in tradition. Or I guess you could stick to instant coffee. The choice is yours.


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