How to Prevent Children from Being Addicted to Screens?

How to Prevent Children from Being Addicted to Screens?

Have you noticed that your children get more nervous than usual when you remove their tablet, mobile or console? When children begin to need these devices in their day to day life and constantly we can sense that they are overexposed to the screens, something that generates dependence, difficulty in falling asleep, tension and nervousness. What can we do about this situation? Today we give you some tips to unhook them from technology and help them discover other things much more fun.

  1. Set the limits. Agree on a game schedule and a maximum time of use of electronic devices. Controlled use can be beneficial. Use a parental control app such as FamilyTime to ensure that the limits set are met.
  2. Be an example. Of course, the limits are for everyone and when you cannot use your mobile or tablet, they will not do it in front of you either. Otherwise, you could be giving a contradictory message to your children, who will feel that they can skip the rules.
  3. Do not use electronic devices during meals. Many times we fall into the temptation to distract children to finish their meal; it can turn against to become a requirement.
  4. Make plans as a family. When they are entertained, they do not need technology at all. You can take advantage of the weekend to enjoy outdoor activities and, on a daily basis; you can always go to the nearest park and have a good time.
  5. Recover board games. Do your children know how to play chess? Did you tell them how well you did when you were playing with your friends at Parcheesi as a child? (  Board games are not only a very effective distraction tool, but they also help children to develop their capacity for logical reasoning and acquire greater mental agility.
  6. Stay with their friends.  You can meet the parents, mothers, and friends of your children to organize group activities such as football games, a day of costumes, bag races, play hide and seek… a super fun plan that will help children forget technology during several hours of fun!
  7. Promote reading with the best stories for children. If you want your children to leave aside the tablet and the smartphone, teach them everything that the stories and books keep. When we open their pages, we enter a new world full of adventures! Children who learn to read at an early age develop a greater capacity for understanding; they also acquire more vocabulary and express themselves much better. 
  8. Appoint them to extracurricular.  You can always find some extracurricular that they may like. For example, they can develop their imagination in a creative extra-school, where they can make crafts and have fun creating super original pieces. Practice some sport or discover educational robotics.  

Use these simple yet highly effective tips and save your kids from screen addiction. Happy parenting!


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