Learning Is For Life, Not Just For School

Learning Is For Life, Not Just For School

Common wisdom would have it that you go to school until you’re around 21, and then dive into work and never look back. However, evidence suggests that continuing learning for life is crucial – famed investor Warren Buffett spends 80% of his time reading, according to the World Economic Forum, in pursuit of this ideal. Lifelong learning will enable you to do better and ultimately get further in life – in a number of different ways.

The financial aspect

Many adults are used to having their finance and future managed by a combination of banks, employers and state or federal government. Taking the effort to keep your learning going throughout life will equip you with the knowledge that can help you to take that a step further and make better choices for yourself. According to Investopedia, even basic learning can give you the edge and provide you with the knowledge to get the best deal out of lenders. This can be particularly helpful when reassessing your student loan or looking to get a new one for further studies.

Developing your life skills

Formal education often has a good side of life skills that aren’t as readily identified in qualifications. These life skills are so important that MIT offer a bespoke class on obtaining them. Continuing to develop these throughout your career will help to further your success, both on a professional and personal level. Skills like communication and empathy are also becoming more important in the business world, as retail operations move towards a people-first model.

Securing your legacy

For those that choose to have children, their fortune in life can often feel like a reflection of your lessons. It’s crucially important to get it right. However, a study by London analysts V3 found that children’s digital skills were being blocked by out of touch parents. By keeping up with new educational trends, technology, and pop culture, you can keep yourself in the know with what is needed to have a successful career and what opportunities will be available in the future.

Learning shouldn’t just be constricted to your educational years. Instead, make every effort to keep it going throughout adult life and your career. For you, this will result in better money management and career prospects. Perhaps best of all, that’ll rub off on your children, too.


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