Questions to ask when looking for an Endodontist

Questions to ask when looking for an Endodontist

The medical profession has plenty of professional titles that the average person would not recognize, yet those professionals offer very important services. When you have pain in your teeth, you go to your dentist to get treatment. But did you know that your dentist might not able to treat you because they are not a licensed endodontist? It is true that all endodontists are licensed dentists, but not every dentist has the certifications necessary to be an endodontist.

What Is An Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who has also completed the additional training to become a specialist in treating pain and the interior of your teeth. In order to work on anything that has to do with the nerves or any damage to the interior of your teeth, your dentist also has to be an endodontist. It takes around two years of extra schooling to become an endodontist, and it can be surprising to patients to find out that their dentist did not take the extra training. An endodontist is also the only type of dental specialist who can do root canals and other pain-relieving procedures.

Does It Matter That My Dentist Is Not An Endodontist?

The worst time to find out that your dentist is not an endodontist is when you go to your dentist because you are experiencing excruciating pain coming from your teeth. While most dentists will let you know that they are not endodontists when you are first talking to them about becoming a patient, it is not mandatory that they mention it. Which means that some dentists do not mention their lack of endodontist training when talking to new patients. It is not done out of malice, but it could wind up being an omitted part of the conversation that could become very important later on in your treatment.

How Do I Make Sure I Find The Right Endodontist?

There are plenty of questions to ask when looking for an endodontist, and perhaps the most significant question is whether or not the endodontist also practices general dentistry. It is rare that a dentist who is also an endodontist only takes on cases as an endodontist, but it is not out of the question. The first question you need to ask an endodontist is if they also practice regular dentistry.

Another good question to ask an endodontist is whether or not they offer emergency dental services. When you have sustained damage to your teeth, it is often an endodontist who can fix that damage and relieve your pain. Just because a dentist is also an endodontist does not mean that they also do emergency dental work. You should ask to make sure you are getting a dentist who offers all of the services for which you are looking for. At many dental offices, there are often teams of professionals able to help you with your dental needs. They can often offer treatment for various traumatic dental injuries. These could include caring for teeth that have been chipped, moved, or completely knocked out.

What Other Dental Services Should I Ask About When Finding A New Dentist?

Along with being an endodontist, offering emergency services and offering standard dental services, you should ask your dentist about any cosmetic services they offer. You may not want your teeth realigned or whitened now, but you never know what the future can bring. If you get into a profession where a gleaming smile is a big asset, then you might want to invest in cosmetic services. According to the website for First Dental, “professionally supervised whitening lightens teeth three to eight shades in an hour.” These procedures can often provide patients with a faster and safer alternative to over the counter options. Also, if you sustain any damage to your teeth, then a dentist who offers cosmetic services can bring back that smile and restore your confidence in your appearance.

Anyone who has experienced tooth pain knows just how horrible it can be. You do not want to visit your dentist at that time of need and find out that your dentist is not an endodontist, which means your dentist cannot help your pain. Instead, you should look for a dentist who is also a certified endodontist to make sure you get all of the dental services you need.


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