Keeping your household mosquito-free – useful suggestions

Keeping your household mosquito-free – useful suggestions

Every homeowner wishes to maintain a please environment in their household but often, small inconvenience can prevent that. When “mosquito season” comes, the entire family is probably inconvenienced by this issue. Mosquitos can be quite annoying, but besides that, they are known to carry various diseases. In order to keep yourself and your family protected, seeking a solution on the matter is necessary. Controlling the situation indoors can seem a bit tricky, but there are a few actions that might provide you with the desired outcomes: Here are some suggestions to keeping your household a mosquito-free area, as it should be:

Make sure there’s no stagnant water around

Stagnant water is the main breeding ground for mosquitos, so you should try your best to keep your household, as well as your back and front yard free of any stagnant water. You may be currently overlooking this aspect, not realizing the connection between you mosquito problem and stagnant water laying around. Unusually, the most common places water collects and remains unnoticed are pet water dishes, drains, garbage bins, plant pot and even behind appliances. Take a look around the house and garden, and check the premises with care – you might find the root of the problem.

Get an electric bug zapper

Making sure your home is always bug-free can be easier than you might have expected. Nowadays, you have access to a wide range of appliances and gadgets that ensure the health and safety of your household and there are products that also help remediate a mosquito problem. Bug zappers have become a popular choice for homeowners dealing with indoor mosquitoes, and considering the appeal revolving around these gadgets, you can conclude how great they actually work. Getting an electric bug zapper for your interior can be one of the most effective indoor mosquito killers solutions. There are multiple variations available on the market with different capabilities, so you can find the ideal option, one that works for you personally. From electric mosquito killers with protective casting that prevent accidents to zappers that benefit from an impressive coverage area, search for a gadget of this sort that comes with the features you are interested in. With a bug zapper in your home, indoor mosquito problems will soon become nonexistent. However, make sure to read a few accurate and detailed reviews before deciding on a model and buying it, just to be certain you are getting the best for your money. 

Keeping your household mosquito-free – useful suggestions

Fix your doors and screens

An obvious, yet often neglected action, is to also fix your doors and make sure you have screens installed on all windows. Patching gaps that might currently exist in your doors, or fixing your window screens can actually be the thing you needed to reduce the number of mosquitos entering your household. A door strip might also be highly useful here, so consider getting one for your front and back doors.

Natural sprays

You have probably dealt with a situation where a mosquito kept buzzing around and frustrating you, without being able to catch it. Well, an immediate solution for this scenario would be to have some mosquito repellant spray around. Because you might not want to use chemicals, you can opt for the natural alternative, and make your own spray, out of all natural components. If you didn’t know, mosquitos can sense smell for as much as 50m afar, and you should use this piece of information to your advantage. You can make sprays for surfaces and objects in your home, as well as sprays for your body. Search online for the best mixes, you have several options, including combining lemon oil with eucalyptus oil.

Coffee grounds for mosquito larvae

You may often come across the stagnant water mentioned above a bit too late, or in an outdoor area that you can’t exactly clean up, and you might be worried about dealing with mosquito larvae. Well, you have quite an easy solution to kill the larvae quickly. Simple take some coffee grounds and sprinkle it onto the puddle. What this will do is bring the eggs to the surface, and kill the larvae before the eggs actually hatch.

Mosquito Traps

Although these might not be as effective as you would desire, mosquito traps could provide you with a temporary solution. Until you purchase the far more functional alternative, and that is an electric bug killer, you can rely on the traditional mosquito traps found in any supermarket. These are affordable and can be placed in any home area where mosquitos seem to be most drawn to. While bug traps can work for your indoor, homeowners usually prefer to keep them on their patio, preventing mosquitos from entering their house altogether. It’s an idea worth trying until you explore your other options.

Keeping your household mosquito-free – useful suggestions

Mosquito repellant plants

One last thing you should consider doing is getting some mosquito repellant plants, such as feverfew or catnip. These will come as a natural remedy against your problem with bugs, and can also be a bonus in terms of décor. Just plant them in either your windowsill or flowerbed and mosquitos will no longer be entering your home. This can also work if you choose to plant them in your yard, but for increased indoor protection, get a potted version as well. Although not as effective or rapid as an electric bug zapper, for example, it can work better than you have expected.

As you can see, there are a few useful things you are able to do in order to maintain the environment of our home a mosquito-free one. This type of issue is quite common during the summer season, and it can be rather unpleasant to deal with. This is why you should be searching for the right solutions on the matter, and the suggestions found here can work quite effectively. Give these ideas ore of your consideration, and once adopted, you will see for yourself that a mosquito problem can be easily remediated by pursuing the right actions.


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