Creative Ways to Thank Your Mentor

Creative Ways to Thank Your Mentor

Do you have a friend who has offered you guidance during an important life decision? Is there a relative who encouraged you while you worked to advance your career? As you walk through life, it’s important to find someone you trust who can offer you wise counsel and sound advice. Here are some ways you can thank that special leader in your life.

Wearable Gifts

From angel wing jewelry to T-shirts made by local artists, wearable gifts are a practical way to thank your mentor while giving them the opportunity to think of you often. Consider their style and comfort preferences as you shop for them to ensure they’ll get the most use and enjoyment out of their gift.

Flowers and Plants

Whether indoor greenery or outdoor flowering shrubs, plants are a wonderful way to say, “thank you for helping me grow,” while adding beauty and life to a home or garden. If your mentor doesn’t have a green thumb, be sure to choose a low maintenance plant that thrives in almost any condition. These can easily be found at your local home and garden store.

A Night Out

One of the most meaningful ways to show your gratitude is to give of your time. Treat your mentor to a meal at a special restaurant or simply go for a walk at their favorite place. Bring over coffee and dessert for a cozy evening in if that’s more their style. Either way, take the time to talk and let them know you appreciate their investment in your life.

It’s important to recognize the people who help you through the struggles and changes in your life. In many ways, these mentors can help shape you into a better person. Remember to thank those who help you, and ask yourself how you can help others grow as they journey behind you.


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