3 Tips to Cleaning a Dirty Floor

3 Tips to Cleaning a Dirty Floor

How you clean the floors in your home depends on the type. Some floors are delicate, so they need to be handled carefully, while others can take more laborious cleaning. It is critical for you to understand your floor type so that you can use the right cleaning methods. Some floors collect more dirt than others. If your floor type needs extra attention to get it clean, it is essential to get the best floor scrubber.

Buy scrubbers that can be used on different floor types

There are scrubbers of different floor types. If you are worried about a scrubber for a specific floor type only for it to become unsuitable when you move houses, you may opt for a multi-purpose scrubber. Some scrubbers are too harsh while others are too soft for some floors. You need to understand the type of scrubber you need before buying one. For example, can you use the same scrubber on your living room floor and the bathroom? Are you willing to buy more than one scrubber to meet your floor cleaning needs? If not, then you need to look for a scrubber that works for all the floors in your home. The wrong choice of scrubber will affect your ability to clean a dirty floor thoroughly.

Use white vinegar to remove stubborn stains

White vinegar is excellent for cleaning almost all floor types. However, if you have marble or stone floors, it is best to avoid it since it will lead to the floor pitting. If your floor is safe, dilute equal parts of vinegar and warm water. If your floor has a stain, spray some of this water and leave it to sit for a few minutes. If your floor type can withstand scrubbing, you may opt to do this. Alternatively, you can just mop the floor.

White vinegar also removes odor effectively. If something spills on your floor but the odor remains even after cleaning it, vinegar is your solution.

Clean any spills as soon as possible

Stains on the floor only get harder to remove if they are left for too long. If possible, clean spills as soon as they occur. This will keep your floor from getting long term or hard to remove stains. How you clean the stain depends on the type of floor and stain. Stains on tiles tend to be easier to remove when compared to those on wooden floors. If, for example, you have stained your hardwood floor, use hydrogen peroxide to soak a cotton cloth. Place the fabric on the stain for five minutes. Hydrogen peroxide will soak into the wood and bleach out the stain. Once you remove the cloth, let your floor dry. You may opt to wipe any excess hydrogen peroxide.

When buying a house, it is important to consider the maintenance of the floor. The same consideration needs to be put when buying commercial cleaners and cleaning equipment. It is important also to note that water stains are also common. It is essential to make sure your floor is free of all blemishes through the use of proper cleaning methods.


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