Comfort And Style: 5 Insiteful Tips On Choosing Walking Shoes That Look And Feel Great

Comfort And Style: 5 Insiteful Tips On Choosing Walking Shoes That Look And Feel Great

Almost 8 out of 10 Americans have dealt with foot pain. If you’re part of this number, you know that aching feet are no fun.

But beauty doesn’t have to be a pain. Something as simple as choosing the right walking shoes can make all the difference!

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn how you can find stylish and comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you!

1. Consider Your Arch

Remember that there is no miracle shoe that works for everyone. One of the biggest factors that will determine if a shoe will be comfortable for you is the insole.

Start by considering the arch of your foot. Typically, your arch will fall into one of three categories:

  • Low-arched (also known as flat feet)
  • Neutral-arched
  • High-arched

When you’re shopping, pay close attention to the insole. Shoes with a relatively flat insole won’t offer enough support for those with neutral and high-arched feet, and thus, it’ll likely make your feet hurt. The right shoe should fit perfectly with the arch of your foot and feel comfortable the second you put it on.However, if you need to treat misalignment or other heel and ankle problems, you can try adding a good pair of insoles, which won’t affect your style and will make you feel more comfortable.

2. Go for Thick Soles

When you spend a good portion of the day walking, you’ll need shoes with a thick sole. This features is what absorbs the shock of each step and prevents your feet from taking the blow.

While this is important for every type of foot, high-arched feet often can’t handle as much shock as neutral and low-arched feet, so a thick sole is a must.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. These Nike Internationalist Dames look great and have that thick sole your feet need to stay comfortable all day.

3. Check for Flexibility

Have you ever paid attention to how you walk? Most people walk heel to toe, bending the ball of their foot as they lift it up.

To maintain this natural flow of walking, you’ll want shoes that are flexible in all the right places. You should be able to bend your shoes upwards at the ball, but the middle of the arch should remain stiff.

4. Try Them On

Even the most well-designed shoes can be painful if they don’t fit correctly. For this reason, you should always try your shoes on before buying them.

Make sure you can comfortably walk without the shoes feeling too tight or slipping off. You should also have enough room to wiggle your toes. Lastly, press down on the toe of your shoes to see how much room there is between the end of your big toe and the edge of the shoe—there should be at least half an inch to ensure it fits properly.

5. Check for a Heel Collar

Unfortunately, you can still experience pain even if you find shoes with the right arch, sole, flexibility, and size. Shoes can also rub against your ankle and cause painful blisters to form in no time.

Thankfully, heel collars were invented to combat this. The heel collar is the cushion that goes around the opening of the shoe. It’s often made of the same material as the inside of the shoe.

A good heel collar will be made of a soft, comfortable, and flexible fabric.

Finding the Best Walking Shoes

Don’t settle for sore feet anymore! Just follow these tips for finding the best walking shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Now that you have the perfect shoes, you need some cute socks to go with them! Check out this guide to choosing creative socks today.


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