A 7-day tour plan for exploring Dubai

A 7-day tour plan for exploring Dubai

Dubai known for its extravagant buildings is much more than that. The city is famous for its grandeur, culture, its heritage, food nowhere in the world you will find indoor theme park, world’s tallest buildings, biggest shopping mall, everything in a single city. Here’s a comprehensive guide which will help you spend a week in Dubai.

Day 1 – The glamorous, tourist spots in Dubai

The glamorous city is an amalgamation of modern architecture and tradition. It will be suggested on your first day in Dubai, you should visit cities two most famous landmarks

Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

If you think of Dubai first thing that comes to your mind is swankiest skyscrapers. The two major attractions in the Dubai city is Dubai mall in the and the tallest building on Earth, Burj Khalifa which is attached to the mall. Spend your whole day splurging money in shopping. Dubai mall has the world’s largest aquarium, and even the world’s largest fountain system, a 24-meter long waterfall. If you are among someone who does not like shopping, you can visit Burj Khalifa. If you are in the mood to chill a bit you can visit the mall’s Olympic-size ice rink.

Day 2 – Dubai Marina and JBR

Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence

Home to Western expats, Marina is known for its pleasant beach walk that, that reminds you of Santa Monica’s in LA. A set of skyscrapers, appearing more likely as a resort than an actual neighborhood with hundreds of people living in them.

Jumeirah Beach Road accommodates swanky boutique shops, gourmet cuisine restaurants, popular cafes, and luxurious villas. Dubai feels all beachy in this area. You can pay a visit to Mercato Mall the most glamorous shopping center in the area.

Day 3 – The Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Mosque

The Palm Jumeirah

The place is close to JBR, and walking along the coast you will find the beginning of the famous Palm shaped island mainly attached to Dubai mainland. You would definitely want to visit Atlantis resort at its furthest edge of the island. You can reach there by a monorail witnessing the ecstatic Palm Jumeirah. City’s best adventure waterpark is here also with numerous activities which can be played by kids.

After soaking your feet in the beach, you can pay a visit to Dubai’s beautiful Jumeirah Mosque the only mosque open for non-Muslims, and the view is breathtaking.

Day 4 – Old Dubai

Amidst the architectural marvel of the city, Old Dubai is a fresh breath of air holding its charm and the only place with real charisma. One can easily reach there by metro.

Bastiqaya and Bur Dubai

Begin your day in historic Bastiqaya and Bur Dubai the place inhabited by Indians since ages, when the local Arabs were still living deserts.  If you’re not staying nearby to the place, then hiring a taxi can be the best option.   The place was once the greatest centers of the pearl trade and the economic center. Here visitors can find authentic Indian eateries with many real bazaars and heritage architecture. You can then pay a visit to Majlis Gallery, which was Dubai City’s first art gallery, and take a break for some amazing coffee at the Basta Art Café. 

Day 5- Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding

Don’t forget to check out The Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding a governmental entity which encourages open discussion about Emirati culture and tradition. There are many tours available but the spending times with local Emiratis over a traditional is altogether a different experience who will talk to you about UAE customs.

Day 6 –Beaten track Activities

These are my top off the beaten track activities to do in Dubai. This adventure cannot be completed in one day you might need one or two days to do everything.

Camel Racing

Similar to your Horse racing, Camel racing is an integral part of Emirati culture. Experience the heart pumping thrill at the Al Marmoom Racetrack deep in the desert sands. You can see close to 60 Camels crashing the gate with long legs flying high in the air.

Heritage Desert Safari

Your regular dune-bashing desert safari is a thing of a past. However, as much tempting, it looks but those giant 4×4 destroy desert wildlife and to be honest it seems more like a tourist trap. If you want to enjoy eco-friendly real desert safari go to Heritage Safari, where you don’t rush but can drive slowly over a track seeing oryx and beautiful desert wildlife. The cars are vintage 50’s Land Rover and, unlike the regular desert safari, which is crowded by the people and other cars. But, here you can have some amazing time without the hustle and bustle and eventually can have a real desert feel enjoying sunset dinner at an Arabian campsite.

Day 7 – A Day trip to Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

It is an extended trip to Abu Dhabi, but it is a sight one cannot afford to miss. This is one of the largest mosques in the world, with largest carpet and chandelier. The mosque accommodates astonishing 40,000 worshippers. The mosque comprises 82 domes, 1,000 marble columns and 24-carat gold plated chandeliers placed everywhere.

If that weren’t enough, the Mosque has the world’s largest handcrafted carpet, made by Iranian weavers. The best time to visit this place is during sunset, at 5:30 P.M. However, modest clothing is expected, women are given abaya at the entry gate and men are expected to cover their heads, shoulders, and knee.


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