5 Causes of Stress in a Relationship

5 Causes of Stress in a Relationship

Stress – isn’t there something negative about that word? You associate anything with it, and there’s always a negative connotation. The same thing happens when stress creeps into a relationship. Of course, no relationship works without any ups and downs and stress is part of the equation, but it shouldn’t become the cause of a breakup.

Stress does not come invited. They just happen and tend to ruin a relationship. To ensure that that doesn’t happen, here are a few areas that you may want to make a note of:

1) Work stress

Work stress is the mother of all stresses. A bad day at work often results in a big fight when you are back home. What you need to understand is work life and personal life are two different arenas altogether. You shouldn’t mix one with the other. The moment you do, you start taking your relationship for granted, and that becomes the cause of an ugly relationship.

2) Money

When money starts to dictate terms in a relationship, you know you are in deep trouble. That’s why it is advised not to lie on your online dating profile. While sites like LoveSita will still help to find your partner, if you create an online impression that you are a millionaire, but in reality you are broke, your relationship will always be stressful. Yes, money shouldn’t come between love. But it is a lie that your partner has to deal with and not money.

3) Not spending enough time

The biggest strength of a relationship is to be with your partner no matter what happens. But if you are hardly spending time with your partner and are always tired, it can bring unwanted stress into your relationship. Making time for each other is essential for a healthy relationship to last longer. Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, you should find time to speak on the phone or start a video call when you are free.

4) To have or not to have kids

A significant concern that couples don’t often agree to is to have or not have kids. While you are fond of kids and can’t wait to have one, your partner may think otherwise. This creates a divide; this creates tension; this creates stress that can break out war and eventually you two may want to part ways. Have a peaceful conversation about the pros and cons of having a baby. Don’t be rigid with your decision and try to see it from your partner’s point of view as well.

5) Taking your partner for granted

It is a given that your wife will do the laundry; it is a given to your husband will pick up the kids from school; you know that everything will work out after a fight like always – these are some of the signs that you are taking your partner for granted. Partners have their roles to play in a relationship, but nothing is a given; your partner is not something to take for granted.

Every relationship will have some stress level. But you need to recognize the source and nip it in the bud as early as possible.


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