The Most Worth-Visiting Places in Saudi Arabia

The Most Worth-Visiting Places in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is situated on the Asian continent. The country receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Despite the fact that most visitors are pilgrims who are permitted on special religious visas, the tourism industry is rapidly evolving as the beautiful valleys, striking mountains, and the Red Sea beaches are spectacular treasures of the country.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers a unique experience to its tourists no matter the purpose of their visits. There are numerous reasons to consider planning a trip to Saudi Arabia. It is a rich spiritual heaven for Muslims, has an impressive diversity of places and traditions, and has a spectacular diverse environment. Lovers of nature, history, heritage, and water sports will surely have a trip of a lifetime in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read below the most worth-visiting places in Saudi Arabia which will make you have a memorable, cultural, and unique holiday experience..


The Most Worth-Visiting Places in Saudi Arabia

What was once a dusty desert town has now transformed into a well-known religious city for Muslims. The cultural capital of the Islamic world, Mecca is the place where Muslims from all around the world come to have a rich spiritual journey. Known as the place where Prophet Muhammad was born and raised and where the Muslims have received the first revelation of the Quran, the city is visited by millions of Muslims throughout the year. Regardless of the fact that Mecca represents the monument of religious symbolism, it is not only famous for its priceless religious landmarks. There are numerous incredibly beautiful and dynamic places designed with various architectural decoration which have transformed it in an ultra-modern architectural location. High-classes hotels and restaurants make the city a place full of peculiarities. Despite the fact that it is one of the hottest cities in the world during summer, thousands of pilgrims are dedicated to bow to the sacred place despite the hot weather. 

Al Madina

The Most Worth-Visiting Places in Saudi Arabia

Representing the second holy city for all Islam people as it is also known as the “city of the Prophet”, Al Madina is a combination of historic and archeological sites and rich cultural heritage. The best way to describe Al Madina is as a city of peace and tranquility where people can see and experience the most interesting traditions of Saudi Arabia. Regardless of its historical and religious treasures, Al Madina is also a modern city. Downtown, there are located some of the best luxury hotels in Madinah which are offering the most sophisticated, high-quality, and unique services and facilities. Religion, history, traditions, and, at the same time luxury, make Al Madina a surprising and worth-visiting destination from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Red Sea Coast

Saudi Arabia’s northern Red Sea coast has spectacular beaches and isolated stretches of coastline in the country.  There is a particular value in the blue crystal waters and the white sand beaches that amaze with their natural beauty. The country wishes to attract as many visitors as possible to explore the beautiful wonders of this Kingdom.  Which is why they are investing in transforming the Red Sea Coast into luxury tourism resorts where tourists can visit the rich cultural heritage and explore the breath-taking treasures.


Situated 1700 m above sea levels, Taif is a gentle and temperate climate city. It is one of the biggest attractions of the country as it is popular for its numerous mountain roadsides.  The city is known as a family-friendly one, having numerous garden parks and open places where tourists can enjoy the cool climate. The smell of the fragrance of roses, scenic beauty, and the variety of fresh fruits attract tourists make Taif a unique touristic attraction of the country.  Moreover, tourists can visit the ruins of the Taif historical wall and appreciate its ancient architecture. Compared to humid Mecca, Taif feels like a breath of fresh air.


The Most Worth-Visiting Places in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is known as a large political, trading and industrial center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There is a surprising mixture of unique old quarters, buildings referring to different styles and epochs, and modern restaurants and entertainment centers have made the city extremely appealing for tourists. Moreover, there are lots of off-limits beach resorts where tourists can have a relaxing vacation and practice water sports such as scuba diving. The unique and spectacular so-called “Coral houses” which are built out of blocks of coral harvested from the sea are particularly awesome tourist attractions.


The Most Worth-Visiting Places in Saudi Arabia

Approximatively 350 kilometers northwest of Jeddah, Yanbu is becoming a quickly growing touristic destination. Luxurious resorts, private beaches, amazing dive sites, and white sand shores are transforming the city into an appealing place for tourists from all over the world. Yanbu is a spectacular combination between the modern and old. The modest old town is small but has an unhurried atmosphere which is rarely apparent in larger cities. Also, just north of the town there is an open desert that gives way to blue waters where tourists can enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea coast.


Riyadh is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The capital of Saudi Arabia is a modern city which has started to accept tourists not long ago but has quickly gained fame for its beauty. The city’s name which can be translated as “garden” is extremely representative of the places that you are going to find there. The impressive number of parks and flower beds and the historic and modern buildings create the impression of an enormous garden. There are numerous places of interests for both tourists who wish to see and experience the culture of the country and its history, as well as modern buildings for those who wish to witness the wind of change that is rapidly changing Saudi Arabia’s tourism.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an interesting mixture of ancient history, religion, and cosmopolitan city centers. There are few other countries that are as rich in historical sites as Saudi Arabia which make it a common travel destination, especially for those on a religious pilgrimage. 


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