5 Road Trip Tips to Keep in Mind This Spring Break

5 Road Trip Tips to Keep in Mind This Spring Break

There’s something about warm weather that calls for taking a road trip with friends, and spring break is the perfect time to make it happen! No matter what you have planned for this year’s road trip, it’s important to keep safety in mind. The only thing that can put a damper on traveling is being stuck in an unsafe position. So apart from throwing a few bathing suits in your bag, what are some things you’ll want to remember to do this spring break?

1. Pack a Roadside Emergency Kit

Plans rarely turn out as perfectly as we imagine them, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything. Make sure to have flashlights, a car jack, and spare tire, as well as flares or reflectors on hand in case you get stuck on the side of the road. An emergency medical kit is great to keep nearby as well. If it’s still cool at night, keep extra blankets in the car for an emergency.

2. Get Your Car Checked Up First

Before heading out on a long drive, give your car the love it deserves! Make sure the tires have enough tread and are at the right pressure for your vehicle. Over-inflated tires can cause the car to lose traction on the road, and under-inflated tires can create more heat than necessary potentially causing a blowout, as well as lead to lower gas mileage. Change the oil and coolant if necessary, make sure all of your lights work and have the brakes checked as well.

3. Utilize Technology & Remain Attentive

Does your car have cruise control? If so, use it! Cruise control can help prevent speeding and keep you moving at a safe pace. If you’ve got a GPS, now is the perfect time to make the most of it. Using your phone as a GPS is great too, but make sure you have a passenger navigating the way.

The only downfall to using technology behind the wheel is the possibility of distracted driving. While cars with built-in navigation systems won’t allow you to use the screen while the car is in motion, phones don’t have that capability. According to car accident lawyer in Bergen County, NJ, one of the top causes of accidents is distracted driving. Play it safe and leave the navigation up to one of your friends.

4. Keep Maps Hidden & Bags Stowed Away

Bringing a map for backup to your GPS is a good idea, but if you park somewhere, make sure to keep it hidden. Maps are an automatic giveaway that you’re not familiar with the area, and some people will look out for that to use to their advantage. Luggage should always remain in the trunk as well—not only is it a sign that you don’t know the area, but it gives thieves a reason to break in.

5. Avoid Nighttime Driving & Always Park in Well-Lit Areas

Nighttime can be a dangerous time to get behind the wheel. Not only is it difficult to see in the dark, but it’s also the perfect time for fatigue to set in. If you do need to drive at night, rotate frequently with your friends so that no one gets too tired. Whenever you park the car—whether in the morning or evening—make sure it’s in an area with lots of lighting around.

Get ready to create memories to last a lifetime this spring break, and keep these 5 tips in mind for safe travels on the road!


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