Composting Toilets For Families With Children

Composting Toilets For Families With Children

Composting toilet is one of the most economical, convenient as well as environmental friendly toilet. The best thing with compositing toilet is that you do not need to use water or chemicals. Thus it is a natural and organic toilet which requires neither flushing nor any plumbing. This is certainly the best type of toilets for families having children. However, you can take the suggestion of toilet reviewer before you construct it.

Types of composting toilets suitable for families having children

The following are two types of composting toilets that are very suitable for families having children:

  • Self-contained composting toilets:

A self-contained composting toilet is available in two versions: electrical and non-electrical. It usually has a composting chamber that exists under the seat of the toilet. In the electrical version of the self-contained composting toilet, it is seen that there is an electric unit plug. With this electric unit plug, it becomes possible to power a fan that is required to heat the element in the base. The best thing with this toilet is that if you go out of your home for some time and you do not need to use for some period of time then you can easily unplug the unit. It comes with various sizes and based on the size it consumes the electric power. However, the average power that it consumes raise in between 80-150 watt.    


The following are the advantage of self-contained composting toilet:

  • Since this type of toilet is waterless you do not require pumping or any kind of water connection. In this toilet, you can easily install the unit as it is not required to assemble the vent stack. In this type of toilet stack mainly comes with the unit.
  • If you have this type of toilet then there is no requirement of having any central unit or separate toilet for your children. Thus this type of toilet is very economical.
  • It is very suitable for the winter season as it keeps the bathroom warm. In this type of toilet, you do not need to keep a certain space warm rather it will act as a central compositing unit.
  • You do not require any approval to set up this type of toilet. As the complete waste stream is recycled you do not need any kind of approval.
  • It is easier to clean this type of toilet. It has a bowl liner beneath the seat and as such, it becomes easy to clean the toilet.
  • Central Waterless Composting toilet:

A central waterless composting toilet is another tough but elegant type of toilet that is very suitable for those families that have children. It has compositing chamber that is mainly situated in a crawl space or it can also be outside the building. This is a type of toilet in which water that enters into it gets evaporated that can be carried back to the atmosphere with the help of the vent system. The solid materials that may exist in the toilet can be easily converted into fertilizers with the help of natural decomposition.


The following are the advantages of central waterless composting toilet:

  • It is a type of toilet which can easily control the moisture. When the level of moisture hoes over 60% of the liquid used to drive out the oxygen that is present in the compost.
  • It is a type of toilet which can supply the oxygen. Oxygen is one of the major ingredients with the help of which it becomes possible to break the aerobic bacteria quickly. The best thing with the toilet is that it does not produce any odor.
  • It is a type of toilet which keeps the environment warm.  This happens because the microbes that are present in the toilet use to generate heat while they work.
  • The uneven distribution of moisture and oxygen can permit the bacteria to take over it can happen that the microbes may produce odor. But since in this toilet there is a control of oxygenation and moisture it can produce the environment whereby the aerobic bacteria can become able to break down the human waste without any odor.   

These are two very useful composting toilets especially for those families who have children.


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