How SEO Saves Your Content from Oblivion

How SEO Saves Your Content from Oblivion

Every day millions of new articles and other contents are added on the internet. They are in the form of blogs, videos, eBooks, products or and websites. Currently, the data on the internet is near saturation and there is hardly any topic on which there no data. While this has helped to increase the ability of Artificial Intelligence by providing a large base for Machine Learning, it has made it very difficult for new content to be visible to the people or even if it does get the visibility, it may not be able to hold on to it for long.

Too Much Data

The two major search engines currently are Google and YouTube. Most of the people with access to internet use these two search engines to look for a plethora of things. Thereby generating billions of searches every day. These searches are then followed by result pages which list the various possible results for the search based on their relevance and the feedback of other people. The search engines keep on updating their algorithms to track the performances of these results and update the result pages accordingly. In a matter of a fraction of a second, the search engines provide the user with millions of possible results. But the users generally do not venture further than the second page. Therefore, the content on the fifth, tenth, twentieth, hundredth or thousandth page is completely ignored.

Generating More Traffic without Paying

Search Engine Optimization is a process wherein the content of the web page is optimized in such a manner that it would get ranked among the top results and would be placed in the first couple of pages. For example, if you type in ‘SEO Brisbane’ into Google there will be millions of results of these results and have paid the search engine to place that advertisement on top of the pages. SEO does not focus on the paid ads instead it helps the web pages to get a top rank in the result pages by using organic searches, that is, without paying.

Localized Marketing

This helps in generating proper footfall to the webpage. To be placed among the top results ensures the users that the web page contains genuine and relevant result based on their search. For eCommerce websites, this results in a significant increase in the customers and the profitability of the website. SEO plan can also be used for localized advertisement limited to the areas where the company provides its products and services. For example, the result for the search SEO Brisbane would differ from one place to another depending on the availability of the service. If a company ABC gets ranked among the top results in an area where it provides services, it does not mean that it would maintain its top rank in the areas where it does not as it would not be relevant here.

Beware of Drawing Penalties

But getting a top rank does not mean that the web page would forever enjoy the privilege. The algorithms of the search engines are forever updating and ‘learning’. To maintain the top rank the web page needs to be updated regularly, content utilized with a and it needs to create an interest among the viewers that visit the web page. If significant numbers of viewers leave the web page within a few seconds or in the first couple of minutes, then the algorithm determines that the web page is no longer relevant and it would lose its rank. There are several other reasons because of which the web page may lose its rank and also attract penalties from the search engine. The most common reasons which draw a penalty from Google are plagiarism and irrelevant content. So if a person searched for SEO Brisbane and visited a webpage from the results only to find out that the actual content is about something completely else than what the Meta Description suggested it would attract a huge penalty for the web page.

Professional Help

The penalties harm the website significantly and it takes a long time to recover the top spot once again. There are many SEO agencies which provide SEO solution to the websites by not only helping them optimize their content in order to achieve a top rank but also they help them to avoid any penalties now and in the future. In case the website does attract a penalty, these agencies also help to mitigate any damage. In order to find an SEO agency near you, you simply need to search by using keywords such as SEO Brisbane, SEO Melbourne, SEO Perth or something similar.


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