How to Cool Down a Room: 3 Super Cool Methods

How to Cool Down a Room: 3 Super Cool Methods

Air conditioning was invented in 1902, and few people alive today can remember a time when it wasn’t readily available. However, while the AC is a wondrous thing, you may be looking for less expensive ways to cool your home.

If you’re one of the many people searching for answers to “how to cool down a room without turning on the AC,” you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find some tried and true ways to achieve this hot topic.

1. Ice and a Fan

This is an old trick and one that is similar in mechanics to the way evaporative cooling works.

To do this, you need ice and a fan. That’s it. Simply put your ice into a large bowl and then place it in a location where your fan blows across it.

Make sure the fan is pointed toward the center of the room or where you are most likely to be. This will create a misty, cool breeze that feels great when the temperature goes up outside.

2. Reconsider Your Fan

During the summer months, your ceiling fan can be a real lifesaver. If you want to get the biggest benefit from them possible, be sure they are rotating counterclockwise (when looking up). Also, set them to produce the biggest downdraft possible.

For bedrooms that are approximately 175 square feet or smaller, choose a fan with a 42 or 48-inch blade. Bigger spaces require a bigger blade.

If the only ceiling fan you have is in your living room, it is a good idea to spend hotter nights (and days) there. It’s also a good idea to leave your fans on throughout the day, too. This can help speed up the cool-down time at night.

3. Freeze Your PJs and Sheets

Do you know what some people did before the days when air conditioning was readily available?

They found innovative ways to stay cool. For example, they would actually build their home strategically so it was designed to remain as cool as possible.

However, they also did more basic things—things you can still do today regardless of how your home was built.

One example is to freeze your pajamas and sheets. While this may sound crazy, it works.

Keeping your body temperature lower and regulated helps you stay more comfortable. Also, if you freeze your sheets and then close the door, the coolness is going to remain locked in the room, making the whole space feel cooler.

How to Cool Down a Room: Now You Know

If you are looking for fast and effective ways to cool down a room or yourself, the tips here should give you a good starting point and answer the question, “how to cool down a room.” You don’t have to sweat it out, even when it’s in the triple digits outside.

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