What are All On 4 Dental Implants

What are All On 4 Dental Implants

Dentistry has come a long way in recent years, especially were dentures are concerned. Whilst tooth loss is a mightily disheartening thing, it is, however, a fact that it can happen to anyone. A miss aimed baseball or infected gum line can render it necessary for teeth to be replaced. https://www.thepointdental.com.au/media-centre/all-on-4-vs-other-denture-types/

Whilst in more recent years people seeking to restore their smiles would opt for removable dentures or implants, a new innovation in dentistry allows for both processes to be combined and conducted more quickly click here.

Created by Nobel Biocare the all-on-4 dental implant is a revolutionary technique involving a fixed full-arch provisional bride. Not only is the provisional bridge fixed but the entire procedure can be done on the same day, meaning that patients can be measured and fitted with new teeth before dinner time.

As with all dentures, before any work can begin, a denturist will first asses a patient’s oral health and the state of their jaw bone. If all is well then they can begin to measure for the new teeth, taking impressions so as to make molds and shape the new teeth to fit correctly.

The all on 4 dental implant procedure avoids bone grafting which is what contributes to its much quieter loading time, and as the arch is supported by only four or six implants, the cost equates to less than previous implantation methods, which cost per tooth.

Not only are all on 4 dental implants quicker, and cheaper to install but they are also much less hassle than regular dentures, and are considered more comfortable. But how does it work?

Using the same technique as former dental implants, by inserting four precisely places titanium screws in the upper or lower arch, denturists are now able to attach a full denture to these. Not only does this make the denture itself fit more snuggly and with less risk of unwanted movement, but because the screws go into the jaw in a particular way, they actually help to strengthen it and can even prevent future jaw bone loss.

But the benefits keep stacking up. Not only are they cheaper, quicker and sturdier but they are also easier to wear, providing a much more natural bite than other dentures. The procedure itself is also deemed less uncomfortable then former methods and recovery time is much quicker than regular implants which can take up to twelve weeks to heal.

Of course, as with any dental implant, you still need to care and maintain your teeth. Dislodging food on a daily basis from the bridge is an essential part of your aftercare and can be done with Waterpik and floss. Brushing is also necessary. If food is left behind it can rot against the gum line, causing inflammation and in some instances, infection.

Though still a relatively new method of reconstructing a smile, there is no doubt about it – all in 4 dental implants leave patients with a flawless smile, far quicker and easier than traditional methods.


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